After giving birth to her 11th child, a girl who holds the record for being the first mother in the United Kingdom to give birth to 10 boys in a row has finally been joined by another female member of the family.

When Alexis Brett found out she was carrying a girl, she couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe it at all.

Alexis and her husband, David, were unable to wait until the birth of their child to find out the gender of their child, so they traveled fifty miles to a clinic that could provide her with complete information.

“I’d been expecting to hear we were having another boy. “But when I found out it was a girl, my face was a picture,” she told The Mirror newspaper.



Cameron’s mom, who is 39 years old and lives in the Scottish Highlands with her husband David, who is 44 years old and works as a train driver, remarked that she was “over the moon” about her new baby boy. David is also a train driver.

“I was shocked but delighted. “Now she’s here with us, it’s a fantastic feeling,” she told the Mirror.

Cameron is kept safe by ten brothers, who vary in age from 2 to 17 and are there to look out for her.


“They’ve generally been much better behaved around her,” dad David said, “Trying to keep quiet in case they wake her up.

“They also want to help hold and feed her—it’s been great.”

Does 49 loads of laundry per week

Since all of her boys “are special” to her, Alexis claims she would have been happy if her eleventh child had been a boy.

“We’re often asked if we had so many children because we were hoping for that elusive girl. I can honestly answer “no.” “Cameron wasn’t planned, but I was happy all the same,” she said.

Despite having so many boys running around the house, Alexis hates clutter and does 49 loads of laundry per week, in addition to daily vacuuming.

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Although there are boys constantly running around the house, Alexis is a neat freak who does 49 loads of laundry each week and vacuums every day.

“We’re stopping now,” Alexis says. “There’ll be no more,” I said last time, but I mean it this time. I love my family as it is now.

“I’d never planned to have a large family, but now I do; I love it.”

Alexis, who works part-time as a fitness instructor, shared that she is having a great time exploring the world of pink for the first time through shopping.

Your thoughts on the fact that there are so many males in the family? I can’t even begin to fathom all the responsibilities that need to be fulfilled daily.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the arrival of this beautiful baby girl and all the other children who have brought happiness and fulfillment to their families.

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