Alyssa Milano revealed her natural face after turning 50 years old.

People commented badly on her looks.

Her husband of 13 years still believes she is beautiful with all of her weaknesses because he loves her so much.

Alyssa Milano has made it a habit to share a selfie on her Instagram page on her birthday, along with comments on what she has realized and what she has seen. It’s easy to see why the actress from “Who’s the Boss” would feel romantic and hopeful.

She did the same thing on her 48th birthday and expressed how she felt about her looks in the post she posted online. Her skin may not be as taut, and her body may not be as supple as it was when she first began in the industry, but they reflect the experiences she has endured and loved.


Alyssa Milano at 27 on the set of "Charmed" in 1999 | Source: Getty Images

Alyssa Milano at 27 on the set of “Charmed” in 1999 | Source: Getty Images

It is a gift to have such self-awareness, yet many use social media platforms to express their honest opinions about other people. Like other public figures, Milano is often the object of cruel comments, attacks on her humanity, and even bullying. One of them tweeted:

“Alyssa Milano was hot back in the day. Now she is still attractive but crazy, which makes her ugly.”

In addition to her celebrity status and the ideas she openly shares, the actor from “Insatiable” is the focus of hatred online. She uses her resources and platform to speak on issues that are vital to her and in which she believes, and she is outspoken in her support of humanitarian and progressive causes.

Alyssa Milano at 33 at the 25th Anniversary Gala for PETA and Humanitarian Awards in 2005 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Alyssa Milano at 33 at the 25th Anniversary Gala for PETA and Humanitarian Awards in 2005 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Being a social media activist is one way that some people would define Milano. She played an important role in the emergence of the #Metoo in 2017, which activist Tarana Burke first launched. Her tweet was the inspiration for a global movement that helped many people who had been the victims of sexual exploitation feel powerful enough to speak out about their stories.

Milano, the activist, the actress, or the 50-year-old wife and mother are all aspects of a human being that are worthy of love and respect, irrespective of whether or not one agrees with her beliefs or likes her photos.

Additionally, the actress is politically active, as seen by the fact that her social media profiles reflect her affiliations. She is the host of the podcast “Alyssa Milano: Sorry, Not Sorry,” which “tackles social, political, and cultural issues.” As a response, she often finds herself at odds with those who have opposing viewpoints. The most notable “beefs” were with Rose McGowan, Milano’s “Charmed” co-star, and Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter.

Milano, the activist, the actor, or the 50-year-old wife and mother are all facets of a human person worthy of love and respect, regardless of whether or not one agrees with her beliefs or likes her photographs. And a lot of people like how her posts are not edited. Amy Cuddy, a psychologist and author posted the following remark in response to her birthday selfie:

“Happy birthday, Alyssa!!! I’ve never felt stronger, braver, more content, and more beautiful than I have this year since I turned 50 in July. Here’s to a strong, brave, beautiful 50!!! “

Another actress, Milla Jovovich, joined in as well, praising Milano as a “force of nature” and a “joy” who uses her voice to “tell it like it is.” A friend of the actress and activist called her a “sweet, brilliant, beautiful angel” on Twitter and said she brings a lot of joy and light into many people’s lives.

Alyssa Milano celebrated turning 50.

Milano says she is happy and healthy in the most recent post she made on her birthday. She expresses her joy at being here as herself and in the present moment. She praises her efforts and expresses appreciation for how far she has come.

“There’s still so much to look forward to!”

Love means praising each other’s work and giving them the freedom to succeed or fail.

She also advised individuals who followed her to focus on their many blessings, show love to those who are important to them, and never stop going forward. Taking stock of what one has, regardless of whether or not it is one’s birthday, encourages one to have sympathy for others who are less fortunate.

Her husband loves her for exactly who she is.

In 2021, Milano released a collection of essays under the title “Sorry, Not Sorry,” which helped inspire the title of her podcast. One of the chapters is focused on the husband she has been married to for the last 13 years, talent agent David Bugliari. Milano stated the following when asked what she’s learned from the two of them being together:

“Love, in many ways, is a constant state of apology. It means recognizing the things you fail at, knowing that the person you love sees them too, and trying to improve. But most important, it means being loved in return, even with those shortcomings. It means that the apology is usually accepted, and it’s usually sincere.”

The actress from “Melrose Place” confirms her opinion that loving one another takes a determined effort to avoid taking another for granted. An apology that comes from the heart is not something that comes easily. Neither is the act of forgiveness. Love requires recognizing the efforts of both parties and giving each other the freedom to explore their paths of success or failure.

During that difficult period, he made her laugh, which is one reason Milano hates that her work demands her to be away from Bugliari so often. The couple has been given the gift of two children: Milo, who is 11 years old and was conceived three months after the loss of their miscarriage, and Elizabella, who is 8 years old.

Alyssa Milano impacts positively because of her gratitude for the work, love, faith, and patience she and her husband put into preserving their marriage. The product of their love is their children, and they take great pleasure in seeing them grow. When Milano considers the impact that love has had on her life, she is filled with awe and love.

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