One of our most valuable resources is the senior citizens in our neighborhoods. They have witnessed the clamor of transformation, the brutality of conflict, the shock of the recession, and the power of our humanity at work. We can document the history they have witnessed and been a part of by taking pictures of them. Seniors are less likely to have their photos taken and stories recounted than younger people.

Teenagers and young adults are particularly prone to the culture’s focus on the novel and exciting. But as the work of photographer Arianne Clément shows, we should pay attention to those who have been there for more than fifty years because we can learn a lot from them and because seeing this group develop can change how you view ageing.

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A fascinating series of senior photos that showcase the ageless beauty of ageing was just published by professional photographer Arianne Clément. Arianne Clément has wonderful ideas for capturing various types of portraits. To discover the preferences that will aid her in humanitarian missions, Arianne, who holds a master’s degree with honors in photography from the University of the Arts London, travels a great distance.





She now focuses mostly on senior portrait photo shoots, which have helped her win numerous awards, prizes, and grants nationally and internationally. These convey the maturity and tenderness of her art.

Additionally, it provides stronger evidence of the special bond she manages with her models. Most of the models for Arianne’s projects were discovered on social media.



According to Arianne, practically everyone enjoyed participating in her projects because they were aware of the high caliber of her creations and the projects’ objectives. The project’s models wished to challenge preconceived notions of beauty and encourage other females. “I hope my images will encourage others to think positively about getting older.

Additionally, I hope that they will raise awareness of the difficulties that seniors must face. “However, a sizable audience was drawn in by her charming images of elderly couples. She received positive internet feedback for her photos and tales, included in respected journals and big publications worldwide.
Clément’s photographs of senior citizens show the emotion and grooming customs that older couples have for one another. Her images are meant to subvert societal assumptions about aging. Her photographs challenge these arbitrary standards, indicating that people lose attractiveness as they age. Clément demonstrates that, despite our advanced age, we still yearn to feel and convey love to those around us. The startling images offer a frank glimpse into the private lives of her subjects and serve as a sad reminder that age is only a number. The seniors serve as our mentors, parents, and grandparents.

They have experienced things that are beyond our comprehension. We hold them in high regard because of what they have done for us. However, we know that someone has passed midlife and is well into their Golden Years when they reach the age frequently associated with the label “elderly.” Additionally, it implies that many won’t be around for very long.




For us to benefit from the experience of our elders, it is crucial to preserve their stories and life facts. Using our cameras is another way to record the lives of these important members of our society. Here is some photographic advice for seniors to assist you in documenting various moments with your role models. Wrinkles can only be seen appropriately or comprehended in a close-up photo since they take on the role of character lines that speak volumes. When you fill the frame with intimate close-ups, smiles, sparkly eyes, and all the other wonderful qualities we take for granted from our seniors have a chance to be highlighted.

You can use various lighting techniques to improve different areas of your photograph. You can utilize lamps, daylight, backlighting, and everything else you can find to get softer settings in your finished photos.

The most challenging geriatric photography advice is to capture the senior’s emotional aspect. Not because it won’t be difficult to make children laugh, weep, or express other emotions. The challenge lies in your responses to what you see through the lens. Using your photography software applications is one technique to improve the pictures of seniors. You can take as much time as you need to edit, change, and tweak. You might be able to make an otherwise uninteresting photo into something much more dramatic by using a variety of effect options.



One of the most crucial pieces of advice for senior photography is not complete without a picture session with a senior. In other words, allow your seniors to share their experiences while you are with them. You might get inspired to make something a little more original than you had initially planned through their memories and narrative. You can use the knowledge to your advantage while taking pictures of other family members in the future. Being with senior citizens is rewarding in and of itself. It is truly priceless to record those moments with your camera.



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