College graduation is a milestone and, occasionally, a privilege. Some folks can only imagine what it will be like to start college.

Some people may eventually give up on their desire, but others never give up. One of those people is Betty Sandison, and after 60 years of yearning, she finally achieved her goal!

A few days ago, Betty Sandison was 84 years old, and to celebrate, she received some fantastic news—she had earned her college degree!

According to Sandison, who grew up on a farm without electricity, she was the first member of her family to attend college.

Sandison enrolled in college for the first time in 1955 and obtained a certification from the University of Minnesota to become a licensed practical nurse.



She had financial problems after a year, so she changed her mind and opted to get a teaching degree.

However, she was getting married and decided to start a family, so she had to put everything on hold in the middle of her degree.

As time passed, Sandison continued to live an entire life, earning an associate’s degree in the 1980s and working as a registered nurse until she retired.

A friend reminded her that this was not everything she had hoped for in life.

I’ve always wanted it, she added, adding, “It was.” Sandison remembered her friend’s question, “What’s stopping you? ” and how she was at a loss for words.

Sandison returned to college after a 60-year hiatus. To complete her college education, she recommenced her studies in 2018.

And then, four years later, the 84-year-old went across the stage to get her transdisciplinary studies bachelor’s degree from the College of Continuing and Professional Studies.


“I’m pretty pleased with myself,” a grinning Sandison said. It was a dream come true, I guess.

She claimed that nothing about her path had been simple. She admitted that the cost of tuition had gone up and she had trouble learning new technology, but her classmates supported her every step. She remarked on how amazing her friendships with her classmates were.

Concerning the younger students in her class, Sandison remarked, “It gave me such delight, and I looked at them, and I thought, this world is going to be just great.”

People often remark, “I could never accomplish that,” but I reply, “Yes, you could if you want it bad enough.” She encouraged others to pursue their aspirations, regardless of their age.

To get her degree, Sandison needed just 25 more credits. Her friends and family gave her a party to honor this once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment!

This tale demonstrates that we are never too old to fulfill our aspirations!

Do you know?

A fantastic illustration of this is Betty Sandison. Almost seven decades after she initially enrolled in college, the 84-year-old Minnesota grandma completed her degree. And she is now more content and proud than ever.

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