Thanks to the brave actions of a veteran who went above and above to save his life, a trapped puppy that fell into a ravine are now safe.

The mixed-breed puppy, who was eight weeks old, reportedly plummeted 80 to 100 feet into a ravine in Chillicothe, Ohio, before resting on a slate ledge next to a waterfall.

He was so low that it would be difficult to save him. The Humane Society dispatched rescuers to try to reach the dog. Still, they were unsuccessful: “They could hear him screaming but could not see him because he was too far down,” the humane society posted on Facebook.

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The Humane Society posted an appeal on social media, asking for assistance in rescuing the puppy from this difficult circumstance. Numerous people and organizations allegedly “jumped to action” to offer assistance.


But one man seasoned and accomplished rider named Joe Lawhorn truly salvaged the day.

To save the puppy, the veterinarian scaled a 100-foot precipice and descended a ravine.

Joe saved the puppy’s life and returned him in good condition. The puppy was after that driven to North Fork Animal Clinic, where he underwent a medical evaluation.

The name “Kenda” was chosen to honor one of Joe’s bicycle sponsors. Other puppies at the shelter were named Rudy, Irwin, Marque, and Fuji, all of which were sponsors. The puppies will all be available for adoption in a few days.

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Ross County Humane Society tweeted, “Thank you to the staff and everyone in the community that stepped up to help this puppy.

Online commenters hailed Joe as a hero. In a Facebook post of his own, he requests funds instead be sent to the Ross County Humane Society, whose current facility is “falling apart,” even though many people have offered to send him cash and gift cards.

We’re very happy that the dog is secure. We are grateful to Joe for climbing a 100-foot wall to save this dog.

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