Many of us would like to believe that we would do the honorable thing and return money if we found it lying on the street. However, this belief became a reality for Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man in New Haven, Connecticut. When Elmer stumbled upon a $10,000 check, he knew he had to do the right thing and reunite it with its owner. Despite his own difficult circumstances, Elmer did not hesitate to return the check, which could potentially change his life, to its rightful owner.

The extraordinary integrity with which Elmer lived his life significantly influenced the events that transpired throughout his life and set him on a course that would eventually transform his circumstances. The story begins with a lost check belonging to real estate agent Roberta Hoskie, who had vanished in the hustle and bustle of a busy intersection. The narrative then moves on from there. She had no idea that the accidental meeting with Elmer would turn out to be a pivotal moment in their relationship.

Elmer happened upon the stolen check by chance, and without giving it a second thought, he immediately set out to locate the person legally entitled to claim it as their own. Even though the chances were stacked against him, he could track down Roberta thanks to his unflinching determination and unwavering sense of integrity. According to Elmer himself, “I have got to look for this person.”

It might not seem like much, but Elmer and Roberta’s lives were turned upside down as a direct result of a straightforward act of honesty. Roberta was moved to tears by Elmer’s kindness, and as a result, she offered him employment at her real estate company. Elmer’s life was forever changed due to this opportunity, and he eventually became a successful real estate dealer.


The tale of Elmer and Roberta illustrates the strength that can be gained from having high levels of honesty and integrity. It demonstrates that even the most insignificant acts of generosity and honesty can have a ripple effect that can transform our lives for the better. Therefore, let us all make it our mission to become a little bit more like Elmer and let our actions be directed by honesty and integrity.

When Elmer discovered Roberta Hoskie’s lost check, he did not think about taking it for himself and keeping it for himself. He had consciously decided to change his life, and the fact that he was being honest was evidence of that decision. Having been clean for three years, Elmer’s commitment to his newfound lifestyle was unshakeable.

After Roberta found out that Elmer had returned the check, she was adamant about tracking him down to convey her appreciation to him in person. She had expected to meet a clean-cut man in a suit, but instead, she met Elmer, a homeless man with limited English skills. Her assumptions about people living on the streets were challenged, and she gained valuable insight from this experience.

Roberta’s feelings for Elmer had been stirred despite the difficulties in his life, and she yearned to find a way to express her gratitude toward him. The act of her handing him a check caused him to become overcome with emotion, and he expressed his appreciation by shedding tears. Roberta even went so far as to share their experience on Facebook Live to dispel the myths and misconceptions associated with homelessness and to bring attention to the myriad of circumstances that can result in a person being homeless.

Roberta’s experience as a teen mom living in a shelter with limited financial resources had taught her that anyone could fall in hard times. Her experience has taught her that anyone can fall in hard times. Her interaction with Elmer further drove home the significance of empathetic and compassionate behavior, which she already possessed.

The story of Elmer and Roberta reminds us of the power of honesty, empathy, and kindness in a society that is often quick to judge and quick to stereotype. It teaches us to see beyond first impressions and to recognize the humanity in everyone we come into contact with, regardless of the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Roberta Hoskie pulled herself up from a life of abject poverty by putting in a lot of hard work and remaining determined to build a flourishing real estate business that is now worth millions of dollars. Because of her insight into Elmer’s integrity and capacity, their chance meeting had a significant and long-lasting effect on their lives.

In the year that followed their initial encounter, Roberta made extraordinary efforts to assist Elmer. Not only did she find him an apartment and pay his rent for seven months, but she also paid for his education at a real estate school, laying the groundwork for him to become an invaluable member of her business.

Their journey inspired them to offer something meaningful back to the community that had helped them so much. Together, they intend to construct a halfway house for destitute adolescents and young adults, where they will provide necessary services to assist the occupants in regaining their footing in society and getting back on their feet. Elmer is all too familiar with the challenges associated with homelessness and thinks that no one should endure life in such circumstances.

The fact that Elmer gave Roberta’s check back to her without demanding anything in exchange exemplified his inherent honesty and integrity. People have acquired an understanding of the human side of those compelled to live on the streets due to their encounters with these individuals. Elmer has been able to build the life he deserves because of Roberta’s assistance, and the two of them hope that their story will encourage others to help those in need.

Their narrative serves as a powerful reminder of the profound difference that a helping hand can make in another person’s life. It’s possible that our acts of generosity and support for others will set off a domino effect that will affect many people.



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