Due to her father, a little girl’s life in Vietnam was on the verge of ending when, shockingly, providence brought her together with a couple who longed for a second child. People around her were inspired by what transpired in the years that followed.

On March 10, 2003, a woman gave birth to Haven Shepherd with a man who, according to reports, was already married to another woman. The infant’s mother was reportedly distraught to find this, and when she objected, things got worse, according to accounts.

When Haven was 14 months old, her father attempted her life and her mother’s life. The small girl survived the catastrophe, but both of her parents perished. Haven’s grandma rode a motorbike kilometers to the nearest hospital because the family didn’t reside close to a metropolis.

The Injured Baby


Haven’s grandma was unsure of the infant’s prognosis as she transported her to the hospital on a motorbike while traveling down a rough route. When they arrived at the hospital, the surgeons were forced to amputate the young girl’s legs below the knees.

Doctors checked the young child over the following weeks as they worked to improve her condition. Haven said, “I was supposed to die that night, and I almost did.” ShellyShepherd

Financial Problems

Haven had forgotten the horrible event that nearly cost her life as she grew older. Her parents wanted to live together, but when they couldn’t, they opted to take their own lives, according to her grandparents, who told her this.

They couldn’t afford Haven’s medical bills since her grandparents were indigent. Without knowing that Haven’s life would soon take a happy turn, they hoped the physicians would treat her using donations.

Upon meeting Haven in Vietnam, Shelly immediately connected with the young child.

After approaching social agencies, Haven’s grandparents published a newspaper article explaining their situation to residents of the neighborhood. When someone learned about Haven, they decided to bring her to the United States for a better future.

A Family of Eight

A couple in Missouri desired a second child while Haven was receiving medical attention. Despite having six kids already, Shelly and Rob Shepherd believed they might conceive another.

On the other hand, Rob wasn’t prepared to accept another member of the family because he had recently lost his brother in a terrible vehicle accident. Shelly persuaded him to adopt a child despite still mourning his loss.

The couple was accustomed to hosting kids in their homes. They were a good-hearted couple who frequently fostered children but never adopted any of them. However, Shelly believed they were finally prepared to make the risky decision.

An Interesting Opportunity

The pair soon had the chance to travel to Vietnam when Pam Copes, one of Shelly’s friends, and her husband Randy took a trip there. Going to the orphanage run by their friends would help the Copes deal with the devastating death of their teenage son, they reasoned.

Copes and Randy felt a piece of themselves begin to mend when they went to Vietnam and helped the kids. While traveling, they read about Haven in a news article and believed the Shepherds would be eager to assist the youngster.

The grandmother of Haven was prepared to send her to their friends’ orphanage, and Copes and Randy were negotiating with her. After learning about the baby’s traumatic past, the parents decided it would be better if the infant were adopted by a family in the United States.

Their First Meeting

After finding out about Haven, the Shepherd family went to Vietnam to assist with the adoption process. Unaware that the young girl would eventually join Shelly’s family, Copes had already selected a family who would adopt her.

Shelly met Little Haven for the first time in Vietnam and immediately connected with her. When she first held Haven’s little hands, she realized it was a pivotal moment.

Before Haven had to leave for the US, the couple spent some time with her. Shelly rejoiced that the young child, suffering so much, would now have a family. An adoptive family had consented to care for her.

Her Wish Came True

Shelly wanted to let Haven go, but she couldn’t. Unaware that her desire would be granted six days later, she wished to keep her forever. The adoptive parents told Copes that they had changed their minds. They didn’t believe they were qualified to care for a child with special needs.

Haven entered the Shepherd home on November 19, 2004, ushering in a lovely new chapter in her life. She claimed that when her father wasn’t sure if he would adopt her, they traveled more than 8,000 miles to bring her to the United States. I converted him, she continued. I was like glue to him.

Her Interest in Sports

Haven settled into her new family very easily. She appeared to be the final piece the Shepherds sought in the puzzle. She couldn’t have imagined having a family greater than theirs as she adopted her parents; they were overjoyed to have her in their lives. Those around her referred to her as “the miracle child.”

As a child, Haven watched her siblings participate in various sports. The little girl was intrigued by their enthusiasm for sports. She tried a variety of activities before discovering swimming, which she later realized was the activity that would propel her forward.

After learning to swim for the first time at age ten, Haven never looked back. Because she didn’t require anyone’s assistance to swim, she felt empowered. ShavenShepherd

Formal Training

Two years later, she started working out with a group where the U.S. Paralympic team became aware of her. In 2018, she was given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in a worldwide event by fate. She said, “I got to wear the USA across my cap, and that was super cool.”

Given her swimming times and tenacity, Haven’s trainer believes she has a decent chance of making the U.S. Paralympic Team, which would be the stuff of dreams for her.

A Role Model

Haven spends time with other amputees and pursuing her passion for swimming. She is glad to be a source of hope for other kids who share her struggles.

Haven believes that she has two choices: wallowing in self-pity or standing up and leading a confident life. Growing up, she didn’t have many disabled friends, and she frequently observed strangers gawking at her prosthetic legs. Despite the looks, she maintained her composure and displayed her “cool legs.”

Haven never experiences regret or anger when reflecting on her life. We think she will succeed with her positive outlook since she feels empowered by her journey to be the greatest version of herself.

The inspiring tale of Haven demonstrates the importance of never settling. The little girl refused to allow her present circumstances to determine her destiny. Instead, she put in a lot of effort, thought carefully about her options, and took the course of action that she felt was best for her.

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