The athlete emerges after 500 days in the cave.

A Spanish extreme athlete named Beatriz Flamini has come out of a cave after 500 days of solitude, possibly breaking a world record.

She had entered the cave in Granada as part of a scientific experiment closely watched before Russia invaded Ukraine and while the world was still dealing with the Covid outbreak.

On November 21, 2021, I was still stranded. She exited the cave and said, “I don’t know anything about the world.”

Beatriz Flamini, then 48 years old, spent 500 days in a 230-foot-deep cave where she exercised, read, and knitted wool caps. She consumed 1,000 liters of water and 60 books throughout her stay. Her support team kept an eye on her, but no professionals made eye contact. She emphasized her happiness with the experience after leaving the cave, calling it “excellent, unbeatable.” Her exiting the cave while grinning and hugging her colleagues was captured on camera by the Spanish TVE network.


When reporters pressed her for further information, she responded, “I’ve been silent for a year and a half, not talking to anyone but myself.”

I stumble and am now being restrained. I’ve been without water for a year and a half; if you don’t mind, let me shower, and I’ll see you soon. Are you okay with that?

Beatriz Flamini


After around two months, Ms. Flamini told reporters afterward that she lost track of time.

When I had to stop counting the days, she claimed she believed she had been in the cave for “between 160 and 170 days.”

She claimed that the time the cave was overrun by flies, leaving her entirely covered, was one of the most challenging situations. The competitive athlete described “auditory hallucinations” as well.

She claimed you don’t say anything, so the brain makes it up.

The effects of social isolation and brief confusion on a person’s sense of time have been studied by professionals throughout her time alone. Despite claims made by her support team, Guinness World Records has not confirmed Ms. Flamini’s claim that she had broken the record for the longest duration of voluntary living in a cave. The 33 Chilean and Bolivian miners who spent 69 days and 688 meters down when a copper-gold mine in Chile collapsed in 2010 have been awarded the distinction of “longest time survived trapped underground.

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