I hope that cancer finds no victims among you! And may all those who are battling cancer have a rapid recovery!

Cancer is a condition that is tough to treat, and patients who are going through treatment for cancer have an emotionally trying time as well. Cancer patients are the only ones who truly understand how challenging it is to live with the illness.

Because of the severity of the cancer, it is, unfortunately, necessary to undergo chemotherapy, which might result in hair loss. And the process of their hair falling out can be very upsetting for them.

Therefore, as a fantastic response to this problem, five ladies in Canada have come together to develop a community known as “Henna Heels.” Around 150 other female henna artists will be joining them at the event.

Putting hair crowns on women’s heads and getting treatment for hair loss helps these patients feel more attractive and sure of themselves.

They use a natural henna paste to make the designs on the head. The tunics they put on are one of a kind and serve as an excellent alternative to the wigs or hats that other women wear to hide their uncovered heads.

Francis Darwin, who founded the organization known as Henna Heals, was quoted as saying that this was a truly healing experience for these individuals. She explained that it was about repairing a part of oneself that people typically identify as sick or injured.

Because a person’s hair is so important to their sense of identity, many psychosocial and spiritually oriented cancer treatment support groups offer advice on how to deal with the emotional and physical challenges that come with hair loss. This is done to make cancer patients’ lives more manageable. Albert Bredenhann was also a participant in a project in which the friends of a cancer patient opted to assist their friend in coping with a different but similarly big surprise connected to their hair.

However, as they are temporary tattoos, they will stay on the head for around two weeks. They are commonly used in South Asia and do not cause any adverse effects because the natural paste used to make them is prepared at home.

“For cancer patients, the henna crowns are a healing experience,” said Frances Darwin, the founder of Henna Heals. “This is all about them reclaiming a part of themselves that would normally be perceived as ill or damaged or not nice to look at and making it more feminine and beautiful.”

Additionally, these tattoos are done for special events, and they also offer belly tattoos for pregnant women. South Asian culture frequently uses these henna tattoos, which are meant to be temporary. 10% of the company donates to help cover the cost of the items they make for cancer patients.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this excellent concept if you, too, think it’s great and respect it in any way!


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