On his 75th birthday, Billy Crystal celebrated by wearing the now-iconic white sweater and blue denim outfit he wore in the film When Harry Met Sally (1989).

On the occasion of his birthday, Billy Crystal is having some fun.

As Billy Crystal celebrated his 75th birthday on Tuesday, the actor best known for his role in the iconic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, which was released in 1989 and also starred Meg Ryan, decided to pay tribute to the movie by posting a picture on Twitter in which he recreated the iconic pose that his character struck during the film.

“Thank you all,” he wrote along with the post, which showed a new picture of him recreating the scene’s memorable costume — a large white sweater, with blue jeans and white sneakers to match — along with an image of him from that scene in When Harry Met Sally. The post also included an image of him from the movie.

The Twitter account for the dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster chimed in for a reply to Crystal’s post, demonstrating their appreciation for the actor’s costume recreation by sharing a humorous definition of the word “icon.” Crystal’s post was retweeted more than a thousand times.


According to what was written in the account, a sweater is a “person or thing widely admired, especially for having great influence or significance in a particular sweater.”

When Harry Met Sally celebrates the passage of 34 years since the release of the romantic comedy, which was produced by Rob Reiner and released in theaters in July. The announcement that When Harry Met Sally would be included among the 25 films that would be added to the National Film Registry in 2022 was made in December by the Library of Congress.

The well-liked actor recalled his time working on the movie with the Library of Congress and commented that “every shot is just right” in the comedy.

He said at the time that he had felt so plugged into making the movie and that although nothing is ever easy, it had been a joy to see it come to life. When asked what makes “When Harry Met Sally” stand out over 30 years later, he added that the movie was beautiful, simple, and appropriate and that every shot was right. He had also mentioned that the timing was in the hands of Rob, who, for this movie, was a modern-day Billy Wilder, and that it was set in New York, in the fall, with great music.


In 2019, when the movie celebrated its 30th anniversary, director Reiner, who is now 76 years old, revealed that the movie’s happy conclusion, in which Sally (Ryan) and Harry (Crystal) end up together, was not originally in the screenplay that Nora Ephron wrote for the movie.

Reiner told Lola Ogunnaike of Couchsurfing that initially, the plan for the film was for Harry and Sally not to end up together. Reiner said they would meet years later and go their separate ways. However, plans changed after he met his wife, Michele Singer Reiner. He said he met his wife while making the movie, and they decided to change the ending. Reiner explained that Billy came up with some of the dialogue, and they decided to end the movie with Harry and Sally ending up together.

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