The past is filled with strange tales, and every once in a while, we have the good fortune to see them captured for all time in photographs. Approximately 45 of the most remarkable and odd photographs can be found in this collection of images.

Photographs can provide a window into the past like none other, as witnesses to events that happened in the distant past and may even appear strange to us today.

At the beginning of the 20th century, photography began to attract enthusiasts from the upper middle class. These people saw the camera as a new way of showing their creativity and were eager to take pictures of the world around them. This world was full of new inventions, professions, and eccentricities. While simultaneously adhering to its past, society was undergoing rapid change. It was a period when opposites competed with one another.

A circus performer in an aquarium car with crocodiles, Berlin, 1933.


Even though the annals of history are filled with strange photographs, the truly strange pictures are the ones that continue to give you the chills even after you find out the stories that are behind them. Some of the photographs that have gone down in history as being among the most incredibly strange are the ones whose histories only make them seem stranger.

For instance, it is one thing to see the face of Minnesota Chippewa Chief John Smith, who had impossible wrinkles to believe. Still, it is quite another thing to learn that he reached the amazing age of 137 before passing away in 1922, which is how he supposedly got those wrinkles.

Then there are the strange historical photographs taken over a century ago showing mailmen carrying actual living infants in their bags. These photographs date back to this period. Beginning in 1913 and continuing for approximately two years, the United States Postal Service permitted its carriers to transport young children who had been shipped somewhere by their parents. This policy was in place even though it may sound simply astonishing.

These are just a few examples of the bizarre images dug up from the most obscure parts of history. View more of history’s most bizarre photographs, such as humans boxing with kangaroos and a woman who went over Niagara Falls in a barrel, in the gallery that can be found above, and continue reading to find out more about some of the stories behind the photos.

An iron man of the past in a diving suit. The suit’s name was ‘Iron man’ too. It had electric charging and pressure protection systems. New York, 1907.

Charles Godefroy flies through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The opening height is 29.42 m, and the width is 14.62 m. The wingspan of the aircraft is 9 meters wide, 1919.

A visitor with a candle in her hand smiles at the large collection of skulls in the catacombs of Paris. 1935.

A crowd watching a British airship fly over the port of Ostend during WWI, 1914

Actor Johnny Eck, born with an underdeveloped lower torso, poses for a promotional photo for the famous movie Freaks in 1932.

Blind WWI Veteran’s marriage, 1921.

Women learn to shoot in prison on Roosevelt Island, New York, 1932.

Welsh spiritualist Colin Evans feigns levitation by jumping up and down in total darkness and filming himself with an infrared camera. London, 1939.

Boren city citizens await the appearance of the Virgin Mary at the viaduct, not far from the Christian school, where children allegedly observed her the day before. Belgium, 1933.

The telepath tried to hypnotize the chimpanzee in 1941.

The tactical trick of soldiers during the Mexican Revolution, 1913.

Soviet cryptographer Igor Guzenko, 1945. In this photo, he hid his face for an interview with Soul Pett from the Associated Press. Guzenko worked at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa and fled to the West in 1945. He brought over a hundred classified documents and information from the Soviet spy network in Canada; 29 spies were arrested and convicted afterward. Guzenko received an impressive reward, a mansion, and political asylum.

Soldiers of the British Royal Horse Artillery on pack horses. The animals turned out to be so obedient that they allowed the soldiers to perform tricks like these, 1915

Robert Kennedy and West Berlin Mayor Willie Brandt look through the Berlin Wall, February 22, 1962

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