As seen among some cast members, the Reagan family, one of the fundamental elements of the police procedural drama television series “Blue Bloods,” is family.

Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan, and Tom Selleck must put on their acting hats and assume that they are related, but Jack and Sean are not required to do so.

Tony and Andrew Terraciano, who are brothers in real life, portray the on-screen brothers’ Jack and Sean, who are Detective Danny Reagan’s sons in the television series.


When the series debuted in 2010, Andrew and Tony were six and eight years old. Due to Andrew and Tony’s age matching that of the roles, the casting was flawless.


The two siblings were kid models before they started acting. They are from the small historical town of Pelham in Westchester County.

Viewers have observed the siblings’ development from young children to arguing teenagers and even young adults for more than ten years.


Fans began to worry about the show’s performers’ futures after the tragic death of Amy Carlson’s Linda Reagan character.

Fans of “Blue Bloods” noted Jack was missing when the show’s 2018 Instagram post of the Reagan family at dinner went live. As rumors started circulating, some claimed that Jack had abandoned the program.

They were quickly relieved to learn that Jack had gone, but only temporarily. The showrunners had written his absence from the show because he had taken a hiatus to attend college.

Andrew claims that their upbringing on the set of one of today’s most well-liked programs did not significantly alter them. Other than that, their lives were similar to any other adolescent’s, though he still needed to make up on his homework.


Away from their TV characters, the siblings lead fairly normal lives. He claims that fans will occasionally identify him while he is out with friends, and it is only then that he realizes that he is a famous actor.

The two brothers have balanced their lives and roles flawlessly, which sets them apart from many young actors. They both went to college; Andrew is set to graduate in 2021.


The brothers also have a sister, Molly, which is a little-known truth about them. In addition, they always make time for her when filming scenes for the show or playing their beloved video games.

Twins Molly and Andrew are very close, as seen on Andrew’s Instagram. In a letter to his identical sister on their sixteenth birthday, Andrew wrote:

The best sibling ever has a happy birthday! The individual I’ve been stuck with for the past 16 years is the last person I could have asked for.

In other pictures, Molly is wearing a mustard-yellow dress to prom, and Andrew is wearing a sharp suit and a tie that matches his sibling.

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