Little Ryder Wells, who is only five years old, has already been through more horrific experiences than most people will ever go through.

Despite all the odds, a young boy from North Carolina survived a vicious attack by two rottweilers in 2015 while he was with his family celebrating Thanksgiving.

He had only been alive for 21 months when they attacked him. Each of the dogs weighed 100 pounds. He lost half of his face, had his teeth crushed, and suffered a broken arm and a punctured lung in addition to his other injuries.

His family didn’t think he would make it, but this little fighter did, and he’s since had to endure up to 50 surgeries due to his injuries.



This sweet little boy, who has survived such a heinous attack, now has to put up with cruel comments from both children and adults. Instead of being praised for surviving such a horrific attack, he is being bullied.

When Ryder started school, his teaching assistant recalled that even the teachers and other students would stare at him.

“When we go to the park, there’s a child who points and screams “monster” at him before running away,” mom Brittany said, according to The MirrorΒ newspaper.

“Out shopping the other day, someone shouted “ew” at him. It’s hard, and it breaks my heart as a parent that after everything he’s been through, people aren’t always lovely over something he can’t help.


Ryder has lived this long and is called a “miracle,” as his medical professionals did not expect him to survive.

Now the mother, who lives in Granite Falls and is 31 years old, is worried about her son starting school.

“But he is a fighter; he doesn’t let anything hold him back.”

“He hides his face by wearing glasses and a cap, and sometimes he hangs his head to do so.” However, I make it a point to tell him daily that he is beautiful, that being different is beautiful, and that it is okay to be different.


“I just reassure him as much as possible, but I’m terrified about when he goes to school.” “There will always be a few kids who aren’t kind.”

Now, she wants to raise awareness about the effects that bullying can have on someone with a facial deformity, and she hopes that Ryder’s story will make people think twice about how they treat those who look different. Specifically, she wants to raise awareness about the effects that bullying can have on a person’s self-esteem.


To ensure that children like Ryder can lead the happy lives they deserve, we need to instill in them the values that they should be kind to one another and not single out people because of how they look.

Please share this to demonstrate your love for this young boy and assure him that he is stunning inside and outside.

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