When Kate Whiddon and her partner witnessed their 4-year-old kid for the first time walking, they sobbed.

You would assume that four is a bit old for a youngster to start walking, but in this instance, it’s a bit different because Katie’s son was born without arms or legs.

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The results were tragic when Katie visited the doctor for an ultrasound at 18 weeks pregnant.


Camden, her son, was found to have phocomelia, a congenital condition that results in the absence of an arm, leg, or occasionally multiple limbs.

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Katie, a mother of three, was concerned that her son would struggle to complete even the most basic duties after receiving the diagnosis.

“When I first found out he wouldn’t have arms or legs, I thought that he would just be a vegetable … I didn’t know what to expect,” she told

“I had just turned 19, and I didn’t know, ‘Am I gonna be able to be good enough for him?’”

Despite her anxieties, Camden turned out to be a courageous and admirable young kid. There was nothing in this world that could slow him down.

“When he was around 2 months old, I had him laying on my bed … I saw him out the corner of my eye, and he was hitting the toys with his arms,” she said.

“I started to cry, I was just so happy, and that confirmed that he was gonna be able to do things.”

Camden was recorded walking for the first time, and the video instantly went popular online. It shows Camden facing Cole Greene, Katie’s beau, in a frontal position. Cole urges the cute little kid to start walking as his sister beams in the background.

katiewhiddon via Instagram

“I’m coming to you,” an excited Camden can be heard saying in the video. “I’m walking!”

Camden moves cautiously but steadily toward Ryleigh, his 3-year-old sister, and Greene.

It’s a magnificent moment that has once again demonstrated Camden’s ability to overcome every challenge that stands in his way.

katiewhiddon via Instagram

“We started crying; we were so proud,’ Whiddon told PEOPLE.

“I didn’t know when that day would come. I didn’t think he was ready for it yet, and I was shocked and happy. It was exciting, and [his sister] Ryleigh was jumping over there.”

People worldwide have undoubtedly been fascinated by Camden’s first adventure. Whiddon is certain her son is meant to achieve great things, and the video has been viewed and shared hundreds of times.

katiewhiddon via Instagram

“Call it mother’s intuition, but I feel like he’s gonna be one of those motivational speakers, and now, giving him the exposure will give him a platform so when he’s ready to speak for himself, he will have people who want to listen to him and care about what he has to say.”

Camden is undoubtedly an inspiration; there is no denying it. Why can’t we all succeed if this boy can get past the challenges put in our way?


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