One Texas teen’s tale is nothing short of extraordinary. He passed out on a football pitch the day after turning seventeen. Everyone was in a state of fear as the child’s life was in jeopardy. However, an extraordinary event was about to take place.

Zack Clements’ life underwent an irrevocable change on an everyday day in 2015. He was a healthy young man with no medical conditions. However, he had a heart attack at Victory Life Academy while participating in physical education.

The medical team was prepared to formally pronounce him dead, as significant brain damage had been long enough to develop. But Zack’s life was not what God had in mind.

Teen Had No Heartbeat for 20 Minutes

Zack received swift and effective CPR from the medics, but it appeared that there was no chance of recovery. He was without a heartbeat for 20 minutes, so the doctors even warned the family to expect the worst.


The group used an air ambulance to get him to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. If Zack ever woke up, they expected him to show some evidence of brain injury. GODTV

He Miraculously Woke Up

The teen miraculously awakened three days after the terrifying incident, which his principal Gary Bay described as “one of the gravest [situations] he’d seen.”

Zack had no visible lingering effects, which surprised and relieved everyone. Zack’s family rejoiced over reports of good health, but he had something more important to impart.

According to Zack, the incident has humbled him and made him realize how grateful he is to be alive. It was all worth it to him, even though a defibrillator vest was required to monitor his heart.

Zack Clements with his family. | Source: News Texas

Zack Clements with his family. | Source: News Texas

The Supernatural Experience

When Zack awoke, he admitted seeing a person he recognized as Jesus. Angels were arranged in a line beside him, and he had a lengthy beard. The teen described the surreal and amazing encounter:

“I went up to him, and he put his hand on my shoulder and told me everything would be alright and not to worry.”

In that instant, Zack felt incredibly at peace and confident that he would endure the trauma. The teen was eager to share his idea because it was so consoling.

Many People Questioned the Encounter

Not everyone enjoyed the experience. He and his parents came under a lot of scrutinies. Daddy Billy Clements acknowledged that it was “humanly impossible” to describe the incident and said:

“We’ve had people say he’s lying or that we gave him a pill before school that day so it would look like he’d gone into cardiac arrest. People can argue science and logic but can’t argue with somebody’s personal experience. They can’t take that away from Zack.”

The boy’s family persisted and filmed him speaking about his divine encounter so that others could hear it and be inspired.

The Clements family’s faith has deepened due to the unique event. There is no other way to describe it, said Mother Teresa Clements, “It’s a miracle.”

Doctors Could Not Make Sense of It

The medical professionals who were by Zack’s bedside during his battle for life were astounded by his health. The severity of his heart attack and the indisputable fact that he was clinically dead for 20 minutes made it impossible for them to accept he had recovered so swiftly.

He knew everyone and everything around him as soon as he regained consciousness. The adolescent not only survived the experience unharmed, but he also emerged from it with fresh courage and strengthened faith.

The Online Reaction

According to Zack, the incident has humbled him and made him realize how grateful he is to be alive. It was all worth it to him, even though a defibrillator vest was required to monitor his heart.

The Clements family is appreciative of the outpouring of love from their neighborhood and from strangers who sent well wishes and notes of gratitude to Zack for sharing what he went through:


Zack’s tale serves as a testament to the strength of faith and the amazing miracle of life. Even in the depths of despair, it serves as a reminder that there is hope.

The incident has forged stronger bonds throughout the Clements family, who appreciate Zack’s second opportunity at life.

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