Two of the cutest friends, only 5 years old at the time, stood for a picture together at their elementary school, complete with adorable smiles and matching outfits. When a stunned mother glanced at the picture. However, she couldn’t believe what she saw and was speechless.

Being a father requires one to work actively. Because of this, it should not have come as a surprise in the year 2019 when Britney Tankersley’s son Myles unexpectedly informed her at 8:00 PM that he required matching clothes for the following day for him and his “twin.”

The kindergartener was excited to dress up appropriately for “Twin Day,” which was getting near. Tankersley’s son, who was 5 years old at the time, and his unknown twin both needed the same clothes, and luckily, in true supermom fashion, Tankersley was able to find identical clothing at the right moment.

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It’s Time to Begin Searching

This was not an easy task for her to complete because she was unaware of Myles’ lengthy history.’Still, she was able to get in touch with Lakendra Watts, the boy’s mother, and she told her:

“I finally got her [the mom’s] number about 8:30 p.m. and asked if she was OK with the boys being twins the next day. She didn’t mind.”

When she went shopping for coordinating shirts at Walmart, it was 9 p.m. The following day, she contacted her son’s teacher and requested that she be sent a photo of her son opposite his double, a boy named Tanner. What Tankersley got as a response surprised her.

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Confused But Happy

When this mother received the photo, she was taken aback and touched by the fact that her son, Tanner, was of African-American descent. She had expected to see a high level of resemblance. Tankersley was quoted as saying:

“I expected to get a picture of another white child… but I didn’t. And I said, ‘That is the sweetest thing in the whole world.'”

A statement made by the mother stated that she found it to be so touching that it caused her to feel sorrow. Tankersley felt deeply influenced by the photo, so she turned to social media and shared it with her friends who spent time online.

Facebook/Britney Tankersley

Going Public

She then recounted what had transpired while tagging Tanner’s mother, Watts, in the Facebook post containing the photograph and the caption. The following was written in part by Tankersley:

“Wouldn’t the world be such a better place if we could all view it through the eyes of a couple of 5yr olds? [sic]”

The photograph quickly gained widespread attention. A total of more than 508,000 reactions, 277,000 shares, and 50,000 comments have been made on the picture since it was initially published on October 29, 2019.

Individuals' comments on a Facebook post by Britney Tankersley. | Source:

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by Britney Tankersley. | Source:

A Favorable Reaction

There was not a single negative comment in the section for reader feedback, and the vast majority of readers expressed how much they enjoyed the story. Someone else who uses Facebook wrote:

“That brought tears to my eyes. How angels see no color but just a friend. God’s good all the time Amen 💗💗💗 🎉 🎉 🥳🥳 👍 👍 [sic].”

Whether they are twins or not, it appears that these two young boys have already had an impact that most of us can only hope to achieve in our lives.

A woman who discovered she was part black sits next to two children | A man who discovered he had a child decades later stands next to his wife | Source: |

Losing a Person’s Name and History

Myles and Tanner, their mothers, and many online individuals embraced the 5-year-olds’ different races. However, there are those who, still to this day, express and enact bigoted views.

One woman Rhonda Lux, now Rhonda Fils-Aimé, was a victim of this. She was raised as “white” and forced to straighten her hair and wear sunscreen.

Although she was of German, French, and Indian descent, Fils-Aimé was treated differently from her siblings.

At 49 years old, she did some digging and found that while her mother was white, her father was black. More specifically, Haitian.

Let’s hope that as society moves forward, these instances will fade away and become dark stories of the past.

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