There was a video of a cute boy that went viral on TikTok. In the video, the boy said something that instantly won over the hearts of millions of internet users. The innocent child, with tears in his eyes, said he wished to sell his only toy to help his family.

At a small house in Durango, Lupito shared his life with his mother, who could not seek jobs, and his younger brother. Like other boys his age, the little Mexican boy wanted to have fun while playing with his friends, but the world had other plans for him.

The small boy made up his mind to take action for the good of his family after paying attention to what was happening in his own home. He took possession of himself a ball and headed out of the house with the intent of helping his family members.

Lupito tells his story. | Source:

Lupito tells his story. | Source:


He had a strategy.

Little Lupito carried his lone remaining toy to the nearest store in the hope of selling it. Since he was too little to understand that no one would buy the ball from him, his childish mind could only devise this plan to help his mother.

The person with the TikTok, Ruben Cervantes, saw the small child waiting nearby hoping that someone would buy the toy he was carrying. He went up to Lupito and asked why he was attempting to sell his ball since he was so curious.

After learning that Lupito was selling his toy to help his family, Cervantes asked the little boy how much he was asking for it. Lupito’s response was the following:

“I don’t want money. I want milk and bread for my brother.”

Lupito talks to the interviewer. | Source:

Lupito talks to the interviewer. | Source:

The heartbreaking video

Cervantes posted a video of his conversation with Lupito to TikTok, quickly gaining millions of people’s love. More than 50,000 people shared the video, and more than 17,000 commented on it.

After viewing the video, Web users felt compelled to leave encouraging messages in the comment section of the TikTok post.

As the crowd heard the small boy’s reply, they were astounded. They couldn’t imagine that his little mind could grasp ideas at such a high level. Lupito contacted the man and asked that he use him for food instead of financial help.

Lupito with his family | Source:

Lupito with his family | Source:

He deserved praise.

As Cervantes took the ball back from him and hugged him, the boy smiled in the video. He told Lupito that he was willing to help and could easily afford the food Lupito was asking for.

Cervantes also questioned Lupito about whether he believed in God, and the boy replied yes. He had no idea that his dedication to God and sincere intentions would soon result in a pleasant surprise.

Lupito was concerned about his parents’ economic situation when other children his age were having fun and living carefree lives. When web users learned that Lupito was forced to sell his only toy due to his circumstances, they felt sad.

Cervantes leaves a reward for Lupito. | Source:

Cervantes leaves a reward for Lupito. | Source:

The Response

While viewing the video, people online couldn’t help but write positive comments beneath the TikTok post. Here are a few of the comments they made:

“I can’t stop crying. Blessings to you. His little face, his eyes of sadness. It’s good that you helped him.”

― (@Li Rodríguez) July 26, 2022

“No child should go through this.”

― (@agusvargas882) July 26, 2022

“God bless you, beautiful baby! May he grant you happiness, love, and a life full of miracles.”

― (@Zaldivar.Photography) December 19, 2022

Lupito smiles when Cervantez helps him. | Source:

Lupito smiles when Cervantez helps him. | Source:

“Thank you, brother. Blessings! These words make me cry.”

― (@Daniel G Rojas) July 26, 2022

“How cute! God bless you.”

― (@Beautiful01.4) July 26, 2022


The Big Reveal

Lupito trusted Cervantes, and the latter immediately sent a box of food to Lupito’s home to calm the family’s worries. Cervantes was involved with an organization named “Heroes Without a Cape,” which provided aid to the poor in various ways.

Cervantes told his organization about Lupito’s predicament when he discovered it. Shortly after, a second clip showing Cervantes leaving a box and a bag at the boy’s house and knocking on his door surfaced on TikTok.

Eventually, Lupito’s mom comes out of the house and reads the note Cervantes sent with the package. Specifically, it stated:

“Don’t lose faith.”


As the mother finished reading the message, she returned and quickly called her son. They gather the food supplies and bring them inside the home, where they are kept.

Cervantes picked up the box and revealed its content to us in the video. In addition to basic items for the kitchen, the box contained a variety of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, bread, a crate of eggs, cash, and a new ball for Lupito. The society greatly appreciated the charitable act made by the organization, and we are hopeful that they will continue to assist individuals such as Lupito. In addition, the little child sent the following message to his father:

“I miss you a lot. I want you to come so that my brother doesn’t cry anymore. I’m going to behave very well. We are waiting for you with my grandmother.”

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