The author is William Kyle Carpenter. You might or might not know who he is, but you can never deny that he is a recognized American hero.

Kyle joined the US Marines as a Lance Corporal when he was 21. He was dispatched into the Afghan conflict in 2010.

Kyle and another Marine were engaged in combat when a grenade dropped nearby during a battle. Kyle acted immediately without pausing to ponder.

It was a split-second choice that would ultimately impact Kyle’s life forever and said much about his unflappable strength. Kyle jumped onto the grenade and shielded his pal with his body.


He sacrificed his life so that his brother Marine would be protected.

Naturally, the explosion that followed caused him to sustain severe injuries. The bones in his skull and face were broken, and his body was covered in shrapnel. Kyle was also classified P.E.A (patient expired on arrival) when he returned to Camp Bastion because he had lost a portion of his jaw, and one of his lungs had collapsed.

Kyle had passed away. He managed to live, somehow.

Kyle had to endure forty various operations over the following two years. As a result of his bravery, he received the renowned Medal of Honour from President Barack Obama and the Purple Heart.

Kyle is pursuing a degree from the University of South Carolina after retiring from the military.


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