When the bride died, and her groom suffered terrible injuries on their wedding day, what was supposed to be a lovely and happy day for the couple, their relatives, and friends turned into a nightmare.

The event between Samantha Miller, 34, and her husband, Aric Hutchinson, resulted in several broken bones and a critical state for Hutchinson, leaving Miller’s family inconsolable over their loss.

On April 28, 2023, in South Carolina, the couple was involved in the event only a few minutes after leaving their wedding reception. The tragedy prompted the groom’s mother to launch a GoFundMe page to support their families.

Hutchinson’s mother provided an account of what transpired on the GoFundMe website before speaking about her son:


“Aric is in serious condition and has had one of two reconstruction surgeries, numerous broken bones, and a brain injury; he will have a long recovery.”

Their Families Started a GoFundMe Page

Hutchinson’s mother created their GoFundMe page and sincerely expressed their tale. She revealed that she, her son-in-law Benjamin Garret, and her grandson Brogan Garret had been riding in a golf cart with the couple.

According to Hutchinson’s mother, the Garret men escorted the joyful couple out of the reception when they were struck from behind by a car traveling 65 mph in a 25 mph zone. The golf cart was launched a hundred feet away and rolled several times.

According to the older woman, her son was seriously ill, and her daughter-in-law had passed away. She said the unfortunate accident that occurred on the day of her son’s wedding had also damaged her son-in-law and grandson.

Just hours after Miller put the wedding band on Hutchinson, Hutchinson’s mother said that she had received her son’s wedding band in a plastic bag from the hospital. She acknowledged that her son had lost the love of his life, who desired their wedding day to last a lifetime.

FB Video

The GoFundMe page is intended to aid the families in covering Miller’s funeral expenses and Hutchinson’s future medical expenses. According to Hutchinson’s mother, they established residences in South Carolina and Utah.

Brad Warner, the bride’s father, spoke about what had occurred to his daughter on Facebook two days ago. He uploaded a picture of himself and his daughter dancing during her wedding.

The remark echoed the feelings expressed by Hutchinson’s mother on her GoFundMe page, stating that the couple had been married at 5 p.m. and that at 11 p.m., his daughter had passed away after celebrating her marriage with her family.

At his daughter’s wedding, Warner gushed about how glad he was to see his daughter and her husband, mentioning how much in love they were.

“They were so excited about starting their lives together, and it was taken away from them because of one person. Our families are so torn apart, and it’s a feeling that I would never want anyone to experience.”

Warner said, “I hope to hell that nobody else ever has to go through this because I’m a tough old man, and this is absolutely killing me.”

He expressed how much he missed his daughter and begged for the quick recovery of his son-in-law.

Warner published a second post a day after the original one, with a video of him surprising his daughter. In the footage, the couple can be seen smiling and embracing joyfully. Warner was happy to have amused his daughter.

Once more, Warner expressed his love and loss for his daughter, and friends responded to his message with encouraging remarks. Warner wanted everyone who watched the video to feel the same way. He stated he couldn’t get enough of it.

The Other Driver Involved

Since the accident on April 28, 2023, it has received extensive media coverage, and the other party has also come up in conversation. This motorist struck the newlyweds and their families.

Jamie Lee Komoroski, the second driver, is suspected of being drunk at the wheel. She was operating a rental automobile, and the statistics showed that she had exceeded the speed limit by 40 mph. She just momentarily applied the brakes before colliding with the golf cart.

Komoroski, 25, is accused of driving under the influence on three occasions and reckless vehicular homicide. She now faces a sentence of one to 25 years for each offense. It is unknown if the counsel represents Komoroski.

Since the news of the occurrence spread online, messages have been pouring in for the family. Many praise the strength of the newlyweds’ families and offer their love and prayers to each of their homes.

Many readers found the narrative heartbreaking, and others claimed they couldn’t even begin to understand the suffering they were experiencing. According to one,

“So sad! Praying for the husband and family, the husband will be devastated. My heart breaks for them.”

Others conveyed condolences and expressed their wish for her husband’s speedy recovery and Miller’s peaceful resting place. Another person said they felt terrible for the family since what had begun as a joyous day had turned tragic.

Twitter Video

Someone remarked that they couldn’t imagine going through such a difficult time and felt terrible for the family. One more wished that justice would be carried out and the families would receive the healing they deserved.

Similar remarks to those on Facebook were made on Twitter by others who were also discussing the tragedy there. According to one,

“A sister, daughter, and wife died in her wedding dress because someone made a terrible decision.”

The newlyweds’ families are praying for Hutchinson and the Garret guys as he continues his rehabilitation. Family and friends have offered their condolences for Miller, and Hutchinson’s family is praying for a speedy recovery. In this trying time, we wish the families nothing but healing.

Many people experience misfortune on and after their wedding days, like this man, who had the unenviable responsibility of burying his wife a few days after their wedding. Sadly, this situation is not an uncommon one.

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