Before her wedding, a bride-to-be learned she had a terminal illness and was distraught. Worse still, following the prognosis, her groom permanently dumped her.

One woman got a regular medical check-up before her wedding to ensure everything was okay. She thought that getting ready for marriage would be simple.

Lucero Pichardo was prepared for her wedding; she had arranged every last detail and already owned her gown. She was ready to repeat “for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health” as she prepared to walk down the aisle and exchange vows with her future husband. DulVega


Things Went South Quickly

Sadly, Lucero’s examination revealed something that wasn’t anticipated. She had a growth in her breast that was later found to be cancerous. The upcoming bride was devastated, but she had faith that she would survive with her future spouse.

As soon as Lucero learned of the prognosis, she told her fiance. She thought she could rely on him in this trying moment, but she was mistaken.

The guy chose to flee rather than commit to following her all the way. They called off the wedding because he objected to participating in the challenging trip.

She decided to sell her wedding dress.

Lucero was resolved to live despite being lost and alone. She sold many of her possessions, including her wedding gown and golf cart. She also attempted to raise money by selling homemade cheese pies for her costly medical treatment.

Lucero’s plans were falling through when she disclosed in one of her Facebook posts that her father was also fighting cancer. She was collecting money for herself and her father because he needed to get treatment for skin cancer.

Focusing on Life Over Love

Lucero had to admit that losing her companion had been devastating, but she had decided to live on regardless. She uttered:

“My partner left me when he found out about my diagnosis. However, today, that is no longer important. What matters is getting the resources to cover my expenses.”

Lucero works as a waitress at a diner, auctioning off her belongings and peddling cheese pies. Despite the challenges she has been facing, she is thankful for her work and happy that it provides her with a steady income.

No one could help but applaud Lucero for her tenacity. They left her supportive remarks on her Facebook post, which, since it was shared, has received over 2000 comments and 16,000 shares.

No matter how hard you attempt to maintain control over a situation, things don’t always turn out as you had hoped. In an awkward wedding tale, the mistress attempts to thwart the wedding by breaking into the ceremony while donning her bridal gown.

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