One of the most significant days of your life is your wedding, and you want to spend it with the people you love, which for many couples also includes their dogs.

Numerous couples have told stories about integrating their cherished pets on special occasions, making them the “best man.” One story, though, will undoubtedly make you cry: the tale of the cancer-stricken dog who survived long enough to accompany his owners down the aisle.

When Kelly O’Connell, a veterinarian, first saw Charlie, a black Lab mix, she was just 19 years old. In the dead of winter, the puppy had been discovered left behind in a shopping cart. Kelly thought it was love at first sight, even though she had no intention of getting a dog at the time.

“I have no idea what that was. Yes, this is my dog, I said. She told the Denver Channel, “I’m taking him home.



Charlie altered Kelly’s life, and they soon became great friends. The owner started running because of the energetic, playful dog.

Because she valued her dog so highly, she worried about how she and her future husband, James Garvin’s family, would get along with Charlie when they first met. Fortunately, they got along well. Charlie is not fond of everyone. But he fell head over heels for them,” Kelly remarked.

She told CNN that he developed a similar level of love for him as I did. “Charlie was a representation of the family coming together.”

But after 15 years of being a couple, Charlie slowed down. He wasn’t as energetic as usual, and after a seizure, he was determined to have a brain tumor.

The pair were getting ready for their wedding day at the same time. He suffered five seizures the week before the wedding, which Kelly admitted to People. “It crushed my heart.” “We debated killing him but decided to wait since he seemed to improve.”

Charlie appeared to be hanging on just long enough to witness his owners’ wedding, ensuring he was present on a momentous day.

Charlie managed to walk Kelly and James down the aisle for their vows despite being frail from cancer and on the verge of death.


Sadly, he was too frail to walk back, but Kelly’s sister assisted him.

According to Kelly, “My sister, being my sister, grabbed him up all 80 pounds and carried him back down the aisle.”


The event moved everyone, and even though it was Kelly’s special day, all she could think about was how proud she was of her cherished dog.

“We blatantly disregarded everyone. We simply knelt and continued repeating, “You did it, buddy.” You succeeded. There you are. You are present. Everyone was in tears.

Charlie passed away just nine days after the ceremony. Thus it ended up being one of their last memories together. While Kelly was devastated to lose her best friend, she was happy that Charlie could attend and that their wedding photographer Jen Dziuvenis was there to capture the special moments.

“Those flashbacks. She said I was grateful to have him there then and for the years we had. “And he smiles in the photos. You cannot dispute it. He’s grinning.

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She told People, “I’ll miss Charlie; he was my best friend. “However, he won’t be forgotten. And we’ll always have his wedding pictures to look back on.

What a lovely time. Charlie’s passing is tragic, but we’re delighted he lived long enough to be there for their special day.

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