It’s not unusual for parents to record their kids’ first steps, first airplane flight, or first of anything and post it online. Even though it’s endearing to see newborns’ eyes light up when they encounter something new, it’s not always feasible to tell how they truly feel.

What if someone was older and more capable of expressing their emotions, but they were still experiencing the same experiences for the first time?

The Walker family of Waxhaw, North Carolina, adopted two brothers from Sierra Leone and did precisely that. When sixth-grader Abraham Walker saw a video of his mother, Jamie Walker’s son, receiving his first birthday cake, he started crying.

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Before creating the now-famous film, Joe Walker visited Sierra Leone with a friend who had established an orphanage there. There he met James, Abraham’s brother, a young lad.


They became close.

James was first sponsored by the Walker family, who kept in touch with him once a month. However, after six months, James was ejected from the orphanage.

Joe bought James a phone so that they could communicate.

Although James returned to his community, it wasn’t a permanent fix.

And we were aware that they would be returned to the orphanage if they didn’t, according to Joe, who spoke to WCNC. “And so, we assembled a squad.”

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After much deliberation, Joe and Jaime suggested the adoption of their four kids, followed by James and Abraham.

Joe added that they wanted to know what a family was and to be a part of it. “They were extremely pleased about that.”

COVID delayed the adoption procedure, but the Walker family had the boys in their possession as of fall 2021.

Jaime started recording several of the brothers’ “firsts” as soon as they arrived in the United States.

It’s magical and fantastic when you consider how awestruck toddlers are when you take them through for the first time. Some children despise it. The only difference is that now that they are old enough, they can express how bizarre this experience is, she told Fox 46.

The family celebrated the birthday of younger brother Abraham on May 19. They lighted many candles and told him to make a wish even though they didn’t know his precise age because record-keeping in Sierra Leone isn’t taken seriously, and the boys’ birth certificates aren’t accurate.

But Abraham was unable to. He felt overpowered.


He claimed, “We had no idea there was such a thing as a birthday. “I get the impression that God is revealing all of your blessings. The best love anyone has ever shown has been offered to you by everyone on earth. That is how eating that cake makes you feel.

It was his brother’s turn a month later.

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Jaime assumed James would respond in a “calm and collected” manner, but she was mistaken… very, very wrong.

The tightest hug I’ve ever received. I could sense his emotions—happiness, gratitude, optimism, love, and everything else. All of it was there, encircling me, as she posted on Facebook.

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“I love them more than they could ever know or imagine. They are the ones that introduced me to the outside world and taught me the meanings of love, happiness and having a supportive family. Abraham said, “I truly want to thank them for it.

I think these are the cutest videos I’ve seen in a while. How sincere their responses are is obvious.

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