Bruce Springsteen is now a grandpa for the first time.

Sam Springsteen, the son of the 72-year-old musician, had a baby girl called Lily Harper Springsteen with his fiancée; Patti Scialfa, Bruce’s wife, posted the joyful news online and congratulated the pair.

Patti shared a photo of the new parents using a stroller in black and white on Instagram with the caption: “Walking the baby … Lily Harper Springsteen.”

Patti Scialfa Springsteen

She shared a photo of baby Lily dressed in a pink hat and gloves.

Congratulation messages flowed in from all over the entertainment industry, with Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill penning a special letter to say how happy they are that their 13-year-old daughter Harper’s name is being used for the new baby.


Partner of the Peal Jam performer wrote:

“Congrats!!! She is beautiful!! Love the name … we are quite fond of the ‘Harper’ part since we have a Harper too.”

Christy Turlington, a supermodel, added: ‘”She’s precious. Welcome to the world, sweet girl.”

Sam, Bruce’s son, is a New Jersey fireman, having graduated from the Monmouth County Fire Academy in 2014 and working in several divisions until being sworn in as a firefighter in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 2020.

Patti Scialfa Springsteen

The family has not released any information regarding Sam’s fiancée.

Bruce and his wife are also the parents of radio DJ Evan, 31, and Olympic showjumper Jessica, 30.

The pregnancy announcement comes only a few weeks after Bruce and Patti celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on June 8.

Patti Scialfa Springsteen

They celebrated the occasion by posting a photo of themselves riding horses and holding hands with the caption: “Happy trails to you. 31st anniversary.”

The Grandfather is now The Boss!

Patti Scialfa Springsteen, the wife of Bruce Springsteen, announced over the weekend that they had become grandparents for the first time on Instagram.

“_walking the baby_. Lily Harper Springsteen,” In addition to a close-up of their new grandchild, Patti captioned the picture of their son Sam and his girlfriend posing in front of a stroller.

Baby Lily is seen in the adorable shot with a pink bonnet and two pink bear hand coverings.

Evan, Jessica, and Sam, 28 years old, are three of Bruce and Patti’s children; they were married in 1991.

According to CNN at the time, the young father and youngest kid of the couple was among 15 people sworn in by the mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, to the Jersey City Fire Department in January 2020.

“It was a long road, he was very dedicated for quite a few years, and we are just excited for him today,” proud dad Bruce told CBS New York of his son at the time.

The summer has been a memorable one for the new grandpa. The 72-year-old music veteran and his E Street Band announced 31 new U.S. tour dates on Tuesday, beginning with a Tampa, Florida performance in February 2023.

Grandparenthood is a huge accomplishment and one that many parents eagerly anticipate. Bruce Springsteen, our favorite musician, has just joined the grandfather club.

Everyone knows and admires Bruce Springsteen. The singer has created mega-hits over the years and has a permanent place in the hearts of tens of millions of people throughout the world.

His supporters are anxious to rejoice alongside him now that Bruce Springsteen has reached a personal achievement.

A lovely little child, Lily Harper Springsteen, has a grandpa in the singer, 72. Patti Scialfa Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen’s wife, informed her followers of the news through Instagram.

Springsteen’s youngest kid, Samuel Ryan Springsteen, who is 28 years old, gives birth to Lily. Sam and his fiancée had a daughter. The 28-year-old is a Jersey City fireman who keeps his personal affairs private.

Naturally, though, happy grandmother Patti had to inform her followers about the birth of her first grandson.

Sam’s path to becoming a fireman was difficult. “It was a long path,” his father told the journalists. “He was committed for many years, and we are simply delighted for him today,” he said of his swearing-in event.

His other offspring have a long list of achievements to their names. Jessica, his 30-year-old daughter, is an Olympic horseback riding competitor and American equestrian jumping team member. She also earned a silver medal for her nation in the event.

Evan Springsteen, the couple’s oldest son, has followed in his musical parents’ footsteps and is a vocalist, but he has yet to record any music of his own.

Springsteen’s grandfather is presently starting a worldwide tour. Even at his advanced age, the rock legend doesn’t slow down! We do not doubt that Lily will be ecstatic to have such a legend for a granddad.

What fantastic news for the Springsteen family, who may rejoice over this.

Bruce Springsteen, a famous musician, commemorates a unique milestone in July. He became a father later in life and is now a grandfather for the first time. After his youngest son Sam became a parent, he was given the title.

Early in his career, Bruce Springsteen succeeded as a musician, launching smash songs such as “Born To Run” and “My Hometown” that catapulted him to overnight celebrity. He is one of the best-selling musicians in music history, having sold more than 150 million albums worldwide.

However, he has not been as fortunate in his love life since his path to real happiness has been difficult. He says it required marrying a beautiful young blonde to understand his heart belonged to the lady with whom he shared a stage every night. Springsteen had nothing but kind things to say about his wife after spending so much time together. He describes her as the focus of his life, a source of advice and inspiration. Nonetheless, Springsteen said that his children had little interest in their parents’ music and favored other music idols as they grew up. Evan now maintains a quiet profile, only appearing on red carpet events and on his parents’ social media on occasion.

As she made her big Instagram debut, the tiny girl looked adorable in matching pink gloves and cap. Springsteen’s first grandchild, Lily, was born two months before the singer’s 73rd birthday.



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