Millions of people felt the loss of Burt Reynolds in 2018. The renowned actor passed away following a protracted struggle with various health conditions.

The actor left a huge legacy, including many treasured memories that former co-stars and friends now hold dear. The most touching comment came from Sally Field, a girlfriend who had been with him on and off. Sally, who recently turned 76, may have kept quiet about their time together over the past few decades, but after Burt’s demise, she has spoken out.

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Reynolds claimed that although he had several relationships that were only flung, he only had one true love. He explained how Sally Fields, a Hollywood celebrity, was the lady he would remember for the rest of his days in a startlingly open interview with Vanity Fair.

They got to know one another on the Smokey and the Bandit set in 1977.


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Field and Reynolds became deeply in love, and Reynolds would later admit that he fought to bring Field on board for Smokey and the Bandit. However, the directors weren’t persuaded and didn’t consider the actress “sexy enough.” However, Burt defended the actress, and Fields ultimately received the part.

Gave me the impression that I was seductive, and I yearned to fulfill his desires.

The famous couple, who appeared to be a match made in heaven, went on to co-star in films, such as 1978’s “Hooper and The End.” Fields initially had a great time with Burt. She claimed that he gave her “a feeling that I was gorgeous” and that she wanted to be all he “ever wanted.”

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During the nearly five years that Burt and Sally dated intermittently, the media tracked every couple’s move. However, they decided to part ways in 1980. Sadly, the storybook romance didn’t last, and it turned out to be far more complicated than most people thought.

Sally described in her autobiography how tightly the charismatic, award-winning actor controlled his partner.

“By the time we met, Burt had used the pressure of his fame to exert control over everyone in his vicinity, including me, from the moment I stepped through the door. Sally Fields stated in her autobiography, In Pieces, “We were a perfect match of defects,” and she continued, “Blindly I fell into a rut that had long since developed in my road, a pre-programmed habit as if in some past I had promised a soul-binding devotion to this man.”

What may have been the start of something lovely, a love story for the ages, turned into Sally’s worst nightmare.

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“I ceased to exist; that is what happened. I prepared for him, walked like him, and looked like him. He repeatedly begged me to marry him, but I could tell that his heart wasn’t in it, she said. “We’d have just felt awful in the end.”

Both actors moved on and began dating new people after their relationship broke off. But Burt never forgot Sally Fields and acknowledged that he was probably to blame for the consequences.

I miss her,” he remarked. “It hurts me even now. I’m not sure why I was such a moron. You know, men are just that that. When you locate the ideal candidate, you try to ruin things.

For more than 40 years, the actor kept his remorse to himself, and during the final years of Burt’s life, Sally cut off all communication with him. The Steel Magnolias actress didn’t speak to him for years and had no interest in rekindling their love.

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Although the actual cause of the split has never been made public, there were allegations that Burt was having an affair with Fields. When the allegations surfaced, Sally felt foolish, and it was quite uncomfortable.

But after his death, Fields decided to step up and make an admission that most likely would have upset Burt.

According to accounts, she reportedly said: “There are moments in life that are so imprinted, they never vanish. Even after 40 years, they continue to exist. I’ll always remember the time I spent with Burt. He will be a part of my past and my heart for as long as I live. Buddy, go to bed.”

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The well-known actor, 82 years old, reportedly passed away from a heart attack in 2018 with his family by his side.

Sally, now 76, provided additional details on her genuine affection for Burt and their relationship with NPR.

“I’ve always had nostalgic thoughts of him. He played a crucial role in my life for a very brief time. I only dated him for approximately three years, and then we may have only been together for another two years. But it was so crucial to my existence and personal development.

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Sally also expressed her gratitude that Burt died before she could publish her memories. According to the actress, Burt wouldn’t find some of the portions in the book amusing.

Sally also expressed her gratitude that Burt died before she could publish her memories. According to the actress, Burt wouldn’t find some of the portions in the book amusing. She labeled, for instance, her prior romantic interest as “confusing, difficult, and painful.”

She said: “I felt relieved that he wasn’t going to see it, that he wasn’t going to be questioned about it, and that he wasn’t going to have to defend himself or lash out, which he probably would have.”

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Though Sally Fields was granted a second chance at their wonderful romance, we hope that Burt is aware of her affection for him wherever he is today.

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