Although I typically use them in the kitchen, I’ve discovered that eggs and bananas can also be useful in the garden.

Given that these food items are intended for consumption rather than gardening, it could seem weird.

However, the truth is that both bananas and eggs can do wonders for plants, and you don’t need to be a skilled gardener with a green thumb to succeed with them.

Many individuals think of gardening as a time-consuming endeavor requiring in-depth knowledge. To develop and thrive, a plant must have certain conditions met, such as the quantity of water or sunlight it needs.

I don’t think gardening is my strong point, so I’ve been looking for easy tips that will be useful to me.


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One such trick is this one. Millions of people have viewed it on YouTube, even though it only calls for a pot, some eggs, and a lot of bananas.

What therefore accounts for this gardening’s popularity?

It’s important to develop plants and seedlings well, as you may have guessed, which is why using eggs and bananas can be helpful.

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An affordable substitute for fertilizers is eggshells. So you may take advantage of eggshells’ powerful capabilities rather than wasting money on costly fertilizers. They are ideal for plant cultivation since they are rich in minerals like calcium.

However, it’s said that utilizing a whole egg will produce even better outcomes. The egg’s breakdown releases some chemicals that stop root rot in the soil.

Meanwhile, Bananas have a wide range of nutrients released as they rot. Potassium, one of the most important plant elements, is particularly abundant in banana peels.

Thus, by burying these foodstuffs beside your plant in the soil, you can make an efficient (and affordable!) natural fertilizer.

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)/youtube

Here’s what you need to do:

Take a pot, and add about 2 inches of dirt to it. Put a raw egg, a banana, and extra dirt in the middle of the pot.

After that, place your chosen plant in the pot.

The nutrients in the egg and banana will gradually be released into the soil as they break down, feeding the plant as it grows.

Even better, you may use stale eggs and bananas that would normally be thrown out with this approach. You give them a new purpose by using them to aid your plants in thriving and flourishing rather than just tossing them in the trash!

Watching the video below, you may learn how to use eggs and bananas as fertilizers to grow tomatoes. I think it’s brilliant.


I will give this trick a try. I prefer using all-natural ways. Thus I would much rather use fertilizers than eggs and bananas! Not to mention the significant savings you will still have after using this technique.

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