Losing our mothers hurts us more than anything else. It occurs in both people and animals. Even still, motherhood is essential to an animal’s life. Baby wild Animals need their mothers’ care and protection to survive in the wild.

They will battle thirst, hunger, and environmental dangers (and humans). Sadly, some people can’t wait to receive assistance. Nobody wants to be present for these sad events.

For eight orphaned hedgehogs at the Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia, an unusual adoptive mother emerged as a black cat named Musya.

She is seen nursing one of the baby hedgehogs, known as hoglets. She loved them as her own because she had a strong maternal instinct. Amazingly, Musya didn’t mind that these “kittens” had tiny, sharp quills all over them.


But how did Musya get to be a hedgehog mother?

The zoo received a litter of eight young hoglets one day. Sadly, their mother had most likely been killed in a lawnmower mishap, but the babies had lived. However, they needed their mother’s milk because they were young and still blind.

The babies needed to be taken care of, but they were so small that the zookeepers were at a loss for how to do it. Unfortunately, the hedgehogs turned down milk, whether it was in a bottle, saucer, or syringe.

The harsh, tiny babies would not survive if they didn’t eat soon; it was apparent. The fluffy black cat had recently given birth and fed a litter of foster kittens.

Musya recently raised a litter of foster kittens, according to the BBC. The zookeepers decided to check whether she would raise the hoglets because she had milk to provide. The zoo workers had no choice but to put Musya and the hoglets together.

The hoglets reacted immediately when they sensed Musya’s natural warmth and smelled her milk. They instantly jumped into her soft, fluffy belly and started nursing. Although she isn’t afraid to scold them if they become overly prickly, Musya doesn’t appear to mind the strange “kittens.” And she obliged, caring for them for more than a week, just like her kittens! She kept them warm at night.

The hedgehogs survived because of their adopted cat mom and are now happily munching on solid food. They likely picked up their hobbies from Musya, which include eating and sleeping.

Musya got famous once people saw her pictures. Long after “Game of Thrones” and the Mother of Dragons, she made appearances on well-liked Russian TV programs, earning the nickname “Musya, the famous Mother of Hedgehogs.”

It was encouraged for zoogoers to touch her and remark, “Musya, lovely.”The hedgehogs soon learned how to feed themselves. As you can expect, zoo visitors rushed to view them, and they enjoyed a natural habitat with vegetation and caves explicitly designated for them.

What a lovely scene to witness! One can have a second chance at happiness through acts of love and kindness. 

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