When both of your parents are famous Hollywood actors or actresses, it can’t be easy to grow up under the blazing spotlight that follows you everywhere you go.

For Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta Douglas, the children of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, life has been pretty interesting. Sure, you’ll likely never want anything, and there are far worse environments to be born into, but for Dylan Michael and Carys Zeta Douglas, life has been pretty interesting.

As Dylan and Carys have gotten older, the media has followed their growth with great interest, with many people wondering whether or not they would achieve the same fame as their famous parents.

We seem to have an answer to this question regarding Carys.


Zeta-Jones has said publicly that she expects her children to follow in her footsteps and pursue careers in the entertainment industry. At the very least, she expects them to try.

In an interview with Hello! Magazine, the 49-year-old actress stated: “When they’re on stage, you want to look at them. And they’re interested in the craft. My son wants to do a Bachelor of Arts in a theater. “My daughter wanted to be a pediatrician until she was five when she decided acting was better.”

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As a result of the fact that both sets of children have the desire to follow in the footsteps of their parents, a lot of people are interested in following their development, Carys has been turning plenty of heads for the simple fact that she looks more and more like her mom with each passing day; she has been turning plenty of heads lately, so anyone searching for evidence need not go much beyond the recent buzz surrounding her.

The teen made her runway debut at New York Fashion Week the previous year, and the event garnered much media attention.

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Since then, she has kept it quiet, which is perfectly understandable given that she is just 15 years old; however, the radio silence broke earlier this week as she followed her mother to another fashion event. This is the event that broke the silence.

At the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda event for women’s couture, held at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, Carys, and Catherine were the show’s stars. After arriving at the event dressed identically, a mother and her daughter posed for photos that proved their similarity.

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Carys is growing into a beautiful woman, exactly as her mother was. Not only that, but according to what everyone says about her, she also has a pleasant personality to match!

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