Anna, April, Lucy, and Cash, four chimpanzees, recently relocated from an Ohio roadside zoo to the Save the Chimps refuge in Florida, home to over 200 retired lab and entertainment primates.


These chimpanzees are giving each other hugs as they begin anew.

According to Save the Chimps, Anna, April, Lucy, and Cash are now under the nonprofit’s care. Save the Chimps received four chimpanzees from the Ohio Department of Agriculture that were 13 to 26 years old.


The primates were held at an Ohio roadside zoo before moving to the nonprofit’s sanctuary in Florida. They were restricted inside by their previous owner. According to Save the Chimps, a keeper of exotic animals was recently given a prison term.

The chimpanzees were picked up by Save the Chimps sanctuary staff in Ohio after they traveled there from Florida. They were then taken to their new home. The monkeys appeared to be celebrating their liberation from abusive conditions as they shared a tender hug upon arrival at the 150-acre refuge, which was captured on camera.

In one of the spacious indoor enclosures at the shelter, Anna, April, Lucy, and Cash will be quarantined for two months. The animals will eventually join the other primates outside of Save the Chimps once this time has passed.

“These are extremely intelligent chimpanzees who deserve the chance to explore a larger world,” Dr. Andrew Halloran, Save the Chimps’ director of chimpanzee behavior and care, said in a statement. “We look forward to seeing them thrive on a vast island habitat with 15-20 new lifelong companions, with the freedom to choose where they want to be and with whom they want to be.”

At Save the Chimps, there are around 220 chimpanzees who have been retired from captivity or rescued from roadside zoos, the pet trade, and laboratories.


April, Anna, Lucy, and Cash’s previous residence was a roadside zoo that was the subject of numerous animal cruelty complaints, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA contributed to the chimpanzees’ future care at the sanctuary and helped in their rescue to provide the creatures with the peaceful, loving lives they so much deserve.

According to Brittany Peet, PETA’s general attorney for captive animal law enforcement, the four chimpanzees will have a wonderful existence with beautiful grounds to explore and interact with other species members. “It’s a happy new chapter for these four chimpanzees,” she said. As if the animals’ lives depended on it, PETA urges everyone to avoid roadside zoos.

Animal enthusiasts can contribute to the futures of Anna, April, Lucy, and Cash at Save the Chimps. According to the group, all donations made to Save the Chimps until July 31 will be matched.

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