• The character of Officer Francis Llewelyn “Ponch” Poncherello from the television show “CHiPs” has inspired Erik Estrada to pursue a career as a police officer in real life.
  • Erik is a devoted husband and parent to his two children.
  • He is pleased with his life and the blessings that come his way daily, which he shares with his family.

The character of Francis Llewelyn “Ponch” Poncherello, which Erik Estrada played on the television series “CHiPs,” is largely responsible for the actor’s popularity. The program focused on the California Highway Patrol as they probed and captured various criminals. Estrada was the one who played “Ponch” throughout the show’s run, which lasted from 1977 until 1983.

Although “CHiPs” is where Estrada gained widespread fame, the actor’s major break came with “The Cross and the Switchblade” earlier in his career. His work in the gang drama gained a lot of attention, so he started getting parts in more prominent shows. After some time, he played on the television show “CHiPs,” where he first gained widespread fame.

Erik Estrada close-up, 1970 in New York | Sourcee: Getty Images

Additionally, the actor adores valuable time spent with his loved ones. Estrada had three marriages over the years, giving birth to three kids. Anthony Erik Estrada and Brandon Michael-Paul Estrada were the two boys he was blessed with from his second marriage. His present wife, Nanette Mirkovich, is the mother of his daughter, Francesca Estrada, whom he had with his third wife.


Estrada’s enthusiasm for the police force was the driving factor behind his decision to become a law enforcement officer in 2016.

Estrada is a loving family guy who enjoys spending time with his wife and their children. He is a devoted father. Even though his children are primarily adults, the husband and father of three continue to welcome them over for dinner with him and his wife. Estrada wrote in one of his posts that “that’s what it’s all about a guy’s family.”

After “CHiPs,” did Erik Estrada go on to other projects?

Although Caitlyn Jenner filled in for him in a few episodes of “CHiPs” while Estrada worked out a dispute with the show’s producers regarding his contract, Estrada stayed a cast member until its cancellation. After the conclusion of the renowned police drama, Estrada went on to appear in a variety of other movies and television shows, such as “Sealab” and a Spanish telenovela.

Estrada devotes the majority of his time and energy to his family these days, even though he continues to serve as a police officer and that he still takes on acting roles on occasion.

Estrada became a police officer in 2016 after being inspired by his enthusiasm for law enforcement. He became a member of a group tasked with investigating crimes done over the internet, especially those involving youth. Estrada says that he takes pleasure in having an impact and that his team can apprehend a lot of individuals who do not expect to be caught:

“When we go pick them up, they’re very surprised. They look around to see if there’s a camera once they see me. Once I turn around and cuff them and take them, they know it’s for real.”

When Estrada was called in 2007 with the possibility of appearing on the reality television program “Armed & Famous,” the subject of law enforcement once again piqued his interest. After the program ended, he started working alongside police officers as a reserve officer in Muncie, Indiana. One action led to another; to this day, he works as a police officer.

Where Is Erik Estrada Now and What Is He Doing?

Estrada devotes the majority of his time and energy to his family these days, even though he continues to serve as a police officer and that he still takes performing jobs on occasion. He keeps his fans up to speed with frequent posts on Twitter, and it’s obvious that he’s having a great time in his new role as a father. He went shopping with his daughter and shared a photo of himself online along with the caption:

“To all my friends and flowers that wish me a happy birthday, I want to thank you. I’m at the mall at Zara with my daughter shopping, so while I wait, I’ll take the time to thank you so much. I want you to know that I appreciate it.”

Additionally, Estrada takes pleasure in preparing meals for his loved ones. The performer posted a picture of himself on social media in 2020 wearing a red apron and peeling vegetables for the Thanksgiving meal. He shared a video in which he accidentally threw one of the veggies into the garbage while he and his family were preparing the meal, and he looked to be having a good time with them.

In the video, the man can be seen retrieving the peeled produce from the trash can while his daughter can be seen laughing at the hilarious mistake. In addition, Estrada posted a picture of himself in his courtyard working with his German Sheppard and captioned it with the phrase “My dog.” He was very pleased with the photo. The police recruit wore a thick coat, and his dog was hanging to his arm.

The thespian celebrated his daughter’s 20th birthday with her family at the Grand Wailea hotel on the island of Maui. There, they had a big birthday party to honor the birthday girl. Estrada uploaded a picture of his wife, daughter, and themselves all laughing together in front of a pretty holiday scene.

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