According to Norris, “Kickstart is one of God’s goals for Gina and me.” “We work with inner-city youngsters who lack self-esteem, have already made life mistakes, and already have two strikes against them. Additionally, our Kickstart program, which incorporates martial arts to help our children build strong moral character, gives us a chance to give back.

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1958, Chuck wed Dianne Holechek, his high school sweetheart. Mike and Eric were born during their marriage, which lasted until 1988.

In 1997, Chuck went on a date and ate at a Dallas restaurant. However, he was more interested in another woman. The woman in question was Gena O’Kelley, and the two soon started dating. Gina and Chuck wed in 1998, and their love is still undying. On their 20th wedding anniversary, Chuck posted a tribute to his wife on Facebook, referring to her as his best friend.

“I’ve known my soul mate for 22 years. And we’re just getting ready to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary,” Norris said.


“Gena… We appreciate you for being the best mother, friend, and wife a man could ask for. I adore you, Gena, and I hope we get to spend much more time together.

The two children of Gena and Chuck Norris are named Danielle and Dakota. However, their lives were turned upside down almost ten years ago.

He gave up his cinematic profession to take care of his sick wife.

Since then, Gena’s condition has gotten worse. She reportedly received an injection in 2013. Gena said that she saw something weird right away.

“Within hours of the first shot, I experienced a burning sensation throughout my body, as if acid had been injected into it. The fire was first confined, but it rapidly spread. I rested in bed with an IV for five months and received round-the-clock nursing care. Chuck dozed off next to me on the couch and never got up. I prayed that I would live to see my children’s development, she stated.

Since then, Gena has experienced nerve pain and kidney problems. They believe that a chemical frequently injected into her during magnetic resonance imaging tests caused her to become ill (MRI).


Gena and Chuck have openly sued 11 healthcare organizations in their pursuit of justice.

Since then, Gena has needed care, and her husband has always been there to provide it. He abandoned everything to give his wife his whole attention. The couple says they have spent over $2 million on just therapies.

Chuck said, “My entire life right now is dedicated to keeping Gena alive; I’ve given up my film career to focus on her.” I believe this to be a serious issue.”

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Gena said, “It’s annoying and disturbing.” Chuck and I are determined to change that because it’s a terrible, ugly secret that has gone unchecked.

We wish Gena and Chuck Norris success in all of their future efforts. Hopefully, she will soon be recovered.

Chuck Norris seems to be a fantastic husband and father. Please let your loved ones know about this article on Facebook as a way to remember him.

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