Even though police officers are frequently the target of criticism, we must never forget that most of them place their lives on the line each day to ensure our safety. It is for this reason that tales of heroic acts, such as the one featuring South Hill Police Cpl. C.B. Fleming is of such vital significance.

On Valentine’s Day, Iesha Roper-Boswell made the initial phone contact to report a gas leak in her apartment complex. Iesha was moved to tears due to something exceedingly thoughtful that the officer who responded to the call, Cpl. Fleming did for her.

Cpl. Fleming was about to leave after he fixed the gas leak, but then he observed that Iesha’s young daughter did not have a male figure in her life to act as a father figure. As a result, he decided to surprise her with a Valentine’s Day date, complete with a brand-new outfit, a pair of shoes, and an arrangement of flowers.

Iesha’s day was made, and it was also shown that police officers could be wonderful human beings who go above and beyond to affect their communities positively. This act of kindness went viral on social media, demonstrating that police officers can be wonderful human beings who go above and beyond.

Let’s not forget to honor the heroic actions of police officers like Cpl. Fleming demonstrates that humanity and compassion are not extinct in this world. Let’s commemorate their efforts.


Officer C.B. Fleming responded to a complaint about a gas leak at an apartment complex that Iesha Roper-Boswell made on Valentine’s Day in 2019, and Roper-Boswell made the call. On the other hand, he didn’t just walk out the door and leave once he had completed fixing the gas leak. Instead, he went above and beyond to benefit the community he was a part of.

During Officer Fleming’s visit, Iesha shared that her daughter, her cousin, and several other children living in the complex were terrified of police officers. Officer Fleming, in reaction, decided to spend some time playing with the children to demonstrate that not all police officers are scary.

The event so moved Iesha that she decided to take a picture of it and post it on various social media platforms. She had no idea it would become so popular, but it did. The picture showed Officer Fleming reclining on the ground with the children, smiling and laughing as he played with them.

Iesha expressed her appreciation to Officer Fleming for his kindness, saying it was incredible to see her niece not break down in tears in front of a police officer. Iesha was referring to her niece’s experience with Iesha. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder that law enforcement officials are more than just people tasked with upholding the law; they can also be wonderful members of society who go above and beyond to make a difference for the better in the communities which they serve.

Officer C.B. Fleming is an effective law enforcer and a kind and jovial member of the human race. He demonstrated this on Valentine’s Day in 2019 during his response to a report about a gas leak that Iesha Roper-Boswell made.

After resolving the problem, Officer Fleming observed that some children living in the apartment complex exhibited fear when they saw police officers. Instead of just departing, he decided to make their day better by engaging in activities such as coloring and playing dolls with them. He also played with the children.

Iesha was taken aback by Officer Fleming’s ability to connect with the children, which she recorded on camera. Iesha was amazed by Officer Fleming’s ability to do so. Officer Fleming has learned that the most important thing is to be a positive influence on the day of another person during his or her 15 years of service.

The sight of police officers going above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of others, particularly children, is inspiring and uplifting. The sensitivity and thoughtfulness that Officer Fleming displayed deserve praise.

To see Officer Fleming at work, watch the video below:



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