Anyone who has ever been expecting a child will understand how exciting it can be.

Thus, expecting two at once can naturally be more stressful.

The news that Matt and Jodi Parry were expecting twins undoubtedly caused them to experience twice as much emotion.

The parents, who already had a son, eagerly anticipated the arrival of two more angels.

But fear replaced their happiness and excitement.


But when their doctor called them into his office and said those two terrifying words, “I’m sorry,” their happiness quickly turned to fear and anxiety.

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When physicians informed the parents of prematurely born twins Abigail and Isobel that they had been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, Matt and Jodi Parry were in disbelief.

However, the doctor’s announcement of the news lacked any sense of professionalism. He was deemed to be “a lifetime punishment,” according to Jodi.

“That day, I did not feel like a mom,” she said. “I just felt confused and gone.”

One in a million is the likelihood that Matt and Jodi will give birth to identical twins.

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Sadly, the parents didn’t get any support or advice on how to care for infants with Down syndrome.

Undoubtedly, no one ever attempted to explain to the parents how their family of five might be content and live a normal life.

Jodi and Matt initially felt a great deal of fear. They were uncertain whether their daughters would ever walk, talk, or even go to school.

The family made their own route, seeking as much information as possible. Abigail and Isobel received all the love in the world from those who knew them best, despite some strangers’ sympathy for them and their families.

“To this day, I’ll never know what he was sorry for. If I could ever meet him again, I’d like to show him Abigal and Isobel and say, ” Why did you say sorry?” Jodi says, adding, “We wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for the world now.”

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Five years later, the girls demonstrated how completely mistaken the doctor, and every other prejudiced person in their environment were.

Abigail and Isobel are outstanding examples of how everyone deserves a chance in life regardless of their condition.

Look at this family!

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Some have forced others to try to blend in for many years and in many locations worldwide, simply because of a diagnosis, hiding and forgetting about them.

The same possibilities and liberties should be available to those with Down syndrome as to everyone else.

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