Love is the key to a happy union. And this couple has a very, very long history of love. Their love for one another had only increased since they were toddlers when they got married.

Joel and Carolyn LaPray played together a lot as kids because they were neighbors. Playdates for their children with each other’s children were frequently arranged because their parents were pals.

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Carolyn was only 14 months old when they first got together, and Joel was only 23 months old. They grew close and even had a photo of themselves shot in 1941 or 1942, just before the war, as they remember.

Both families left West Idaho, where they had lived before World War II, to live elsewhere. After it was over, they ran into each other again, and both families settled back in Logan, Utah. However, given that they favored playing with children of the same sex this time around, Joel and Carolyn did not become friends as they had in the past.


In their second year of high school, they continued to engage with one another. Carolyn agreed to go to the military ball with Joel when requested. Joel remembered thinking, ā€œI kinda like her; I think Iā€™m gonna marry her someday,ā€ right around the moment he realized he liked Carolyn.

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Joel thought she found him dull, but Carolyn also liked him. She subsequently confirmed this, but only because Joel hardly spoke to her the entire evening.

The two reconnected on a higher level in their senior year of high school. They started dating once they reached their final year of high school. And developed a romantic relationship.

They attended Utah State University together, and by the conclusion of their first year of college, they were sure they wanted to get married. In addition, they are commemorating their 64th jubilee today!

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Joel’s mother dredged up a photo of them when they were young in response to the news of their marriage. She commissioned an acquaintance to colorize the black-and-white drawing. They adored it so much that they used it as a dessert topper. “Joel and Carolyn, their first date,” the image stated. That was special, too, Carolyn said with pride as she continued to relate the tale.

The couple has had a great experience together while raising their six kids. In addition to 25 grandkids, they also have 33 or 34 great-grandchildren. Joel claims to have given up tallying the numbers.

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They claim compromise is the key to a successful and lengthy marriage. We compromised because we each had distinct ideas and did it her way.

Joel added, “If Papa’s not happy, nobody cares,” after Carolyn said, “If Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy,” and the couple nodded in agreement.

They enjoyed their time together very much.

We hope this wonderful pair enjoys many more years of marriage.


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