It is always terrible to witness a mother lose custody of her child.

Separation hurts just as much whether the mother is human or, in this instance, an animal.

This cow cried nonstop in her grief for her lost calf. Her sobs directly struck my heart when I heard them.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

Karma was rescued from a small farm where she was made to live in appalling circumstances.


Karma wouldn’t stop sobbing despite the efforts of her rescuers at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary in California, who had anticipated that she would be grateful for a better life.

Her calf was on his way to the butcher.

When Karma was rescued, her new owners noted that her udders were brimming with milk and deduced that she must have recently given birth to a calf. However, they were puzzled about why this wasn’t mentioned to them.

They learned that the calf had been sold for meat and was en route to a butcher after making a brief phone call to the prior farm.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

In a stroke of luck, the car Karma’s calf was riding in broke down, allowing her rescuers to reach him just in time to save his life.

Before they could transport the upset calf to the sanctuary to be reunited with his mother, they had to soothe him down.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

It is very sweet when mother and son are reunited at their new farm.

Even though the young calf is severely underweight and under stress from the situation, he immediately regains his strength when he sees his mother.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

Witness the lovely reunion of the mother and son.


We appreciate all the animal lovers who put in such great effort to lessen the suffering of these animals.

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