When life throws you curveballs, you might come across a deed or an act that completely melts your heart.

You are familiar with the kind of thing I’m referring to. It could be a story in which someone went out of their way to make it possible for someone else to do a selfless act of charity, or it could be a story in which someone does something kind without expecting to receive anything in return.

When someone does a good deed like this, they are usually rewarded with a sense of happiness given to their soul. It is always wonderful to honor people making a genuine effort to make the world a better place. This is something that should be done whenever possible.

Think of Shane McDaniel and his sons Henry and Harrison, who are twins, as members of the McDaniel family. When Shane was a child, he used to spend a lot of time helping his father collect firewood, and as a grownup, he was thrilled to have his sons, who were then 21 years old, assist him in continuing the family tradition…

After a strong storm, the family, who lives in Lake Stevens, Washington, had a lot of work set out for them to clean up the damage.


Shane explained, “I had a lot of wood to cut because of storm damage and trees taken down. It just kept piling up and piling up. Once it got to be such an amount of wood, we decided we could do something better with it.”

They put their minds together and came up with a solution that would not only remove the barrier but also help many people.

Per speaking to PEOPLE Magazine, McDaniel said: “The Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area; it’s cold and wet. Once I started, I saw the need, and my eyes were opened up. So many people were stopping and asking to buy it, and we just started giving it away.”

During the whole project, which ran from March 2018 through October of the same year, Shane, Henry, and Harrison cut enough firewood to fill an astounding 80 trucks.

Shane posted a collection request on Facebook to get his cash back. That’s right; they had so much firewood that they didn’t even know what to do. McDaniel

It should not come as a surprise that Shane’s post received a lot of attention. The generosity shown by the family astounded the rest of society, and some people even came forward to help transport the firewood to those who were physically unable to get it.

Good feeling

“It’s a pretty wonderful thing to see. You can see this feeling of pride and sharing that I don’t think they had before,” Shane said.

“When you do good things for people, they don’t forget. I love helping people.”

What a wonderful way to display your compassion as a family while also providing help to those in need in the community! We applaud your efforts, Shane, Henry, and Harrison!

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