Years were spent grieving for a dad whose son had been taken from him shortly after birth, possibly never to be seen again.

Andy McNicol from the English West Midlands loves kids. He assisted in their upbringing by treating his wife Hazel’s three children as though they were his own.

In addition, he has two more children from a previous marriage and seven foster children with his present spouse.



There was still room in his heart for one redhead baby, even though all these children were present. Over forty years ago, he was compelled to release this newborn without even saying goodbye. McNicol expressed:

“[At the nursery] there was this little wrapped-up bundle with a ginger head sticking out at the top, and I just cried.”

McNicol’s long-lost biological son, born in 1970, was taken away without his will. He is still this newborn boy.


The parents of Brenda, the lady he had an abortion on when she was 22 years old, forbade him from visiting the child. It was frowned upon then, yet the two lovers had conceived their child while not married.

Additionally, McNicol, who was 27 at the time, was still married to his first wife even though they were separated, so he could not wed Brenda and put the matter to rest.

Due to this, Brenda’s family forbade him from seeing Brenda or the baby. He essentially had no contact with or influence over his son. The birth record did not list his name. On the birth certificate, the father’s name was instead listed as “unknown.”

In addition, and unfortunately, the boy was abandoned by the family without his consent. Before his son was taken away, McNicol was not permitted to hold him.

Grief that defies explanation

The father, who never looked for his son after the adoption, was crushed. The kid was born in June, and when I first visited him in November, he was still very raw. His wife Hazel described how much her husband endured. In my arms, he sobbed.

After many years, they ultimately obtained ITV’s “Long Lost Family” in 2016. His son John Mundy, who had emigrated to Australia, was located by the crew of the television program.



The two met thanks to the television program as John arrived from Australia. When McNicol and his biological son met, the father immediately gave the boy a bear embrace. When we met, he embraced me and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that for 47 years,” Mundy remembered.

They may reside in different countries, yet despite their hug, their love didn’t instantly terminate. Now, the father and son converse on the phone once a week to catch up on any father-son conversations they may have missed.


John and Brenda weren’t the only ones to have their children taken away in the past due to this unusual view of marriage, gender, and cultural ideals.

When Elizabeth gave birth to a baby girl in August 1937, she was 22 years old, innocent, and single. But since she didn’t have a husband, she was obliged to abandon it. At the time, the situation was shameful.

Elizabeth’s child, who was raised in an orphanage, fled at 19 and was desperate to track down her mother. Years went by, and it appeared like all hope was lost.

But when she contacted RTÉ’s Liveline, they could track down her mother in Scotland. To their surprise, her biological mother, Elizabeth, who resides in Dublin, traveled to Scotland.

Despite her anxiety, she was greeted with affectionate hugs from her original mother and unidentified half-brothers. She also succeeded in locating a heart’s missing portion, like McNicol. One that they will cherish always.

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