Everyone’s heads turned when Dad entered the principal’s office. At that point, he approached his daughter and walked over to her, whispering something she would never forget.

We would do anything as parents to ensure the comfort and happiness of our kids. Therefore, when Ben Sowards, a husband, and father from Utah, received a call from his daughter’s school informing him that there had been a toilet accident, he knew he had to pick her up immediately.

Ben was also aware that, following Valerie’s embarrassing accident, he had to help her feel better. A light-bulb moment occurred for him at that point.

Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

Ben sprinkled some water in the crotch of his pants before getting in the car and driving to Valerie’s school. In a Huffington Post interview, Ben revealed that the secret to cheering up his little daughter was to make her laugh!


“Honestly, I knew she was mortified, but I thought if I could make her laugh, everything would be fine.”

Undoubtedly, this would work.

Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

When Ben entered the principal’s office, he requested to use Valerie’s bag. He said to his daughter in a low voice that he had to conceal something. Valerie wasn’t sure why her dad needed to keep anything a secret at first.

She saw his trousers when she turned to look at them.

According to Ben, everything was OK when Valerie noticed his jeans, according to the Huffington Post. She was at ease getting up and confidently leaving the classroom.

“She was exasperated. But, once she saw my pants, I got that look from her where I knew everything was OK. All dads know what look I’m talking about. And we just strolled out of the school like nothing was happening.”

Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

As a father, Ben only needed to make the short trip to the school to pick up his daughter. He went the extra mile to ensure she wasn’t embarrassed by a common childhood occurrence by wetting his trousers with water.

The world needs more fathers like Ben!

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