In my opinion, anyone who has lost a family member doesn’t ever truly cease grieving.

Additionally, even though you might not be able to see your loved one in person again, you can experience their presence for a while by going to their grave or memorial.

In a motor vehicle collision in Richmond, California, in 2003, Ray Olson lost his son, Raymond. An intoxicated motorist murdered the 22-year-old.

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Chevron, a multibillion-dollar corporation, owned the site where Raymond was killed. Ray was so confident that the organization would never permit him to erect an official memorial that he didn’t even ask.


Instead, he quietly erected a memorial there that he frequented every evening. Until the moment Ray received startling news from the business: the neighborhood would be renovated.

Several years ago, a mystery wayside memorial was located on property owned by energy giant Chevron in Richmond, California. NBC News reported that no one knew who set it up and maintained it.

Youtube / NBC

“We’d see that it was being maintained, but we’d never see who was maintaining it,” Chevron executive Joe Lorenz said.

Ray Olson turned out to be the memorial’s keeper. In memory of his son, who had passed away in a vehicle accident, he went to the location every night for over 12 years.

Ray’s heart was then shattered in 2016. He discovered that the area would be built. Chevron said the property required an upgrade, so they posted and left a message at the memorial asking the unnamed caretaker to contact the oil giant.

Ray Olson then made up his mind to move forward. Chevron would destroy his memorial and memories; he was certain of it.

”I just knew they were going to take it down,” Olson said.

The firm, however, erecting a new memorial in its place was something he most certainly never anticipated. Yet as it turned out, the business erected a plaque in Ray’s son’s honor and a bench for distraught customers like Ray.

“We told Ray that this was his place. The business contacted Cesar Zepeda, head of the neighborhood council, and asked if they might work together to establish a permanent tribute. As a result, Joe Lorenz from Chevron told NBC News that people would no longer need to arrive at night.

According to Zepeda, it is an “amazing feeling to have” to know that you have given a father life and hope and that you have improved someone’s life.


Kindness and compassion are all about this.

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