When a disabled girl who forgets to choose a date for the prom decides to go with her dad instead, she is in for a big surprise. The next day, he is rewarded for his love for his kid, which completely changes both of their lives.

“Molly, look! Your dad’s here! Someone at the funeral relayed this news to the heartbroken girl sitting over her mother’s coffin, Daisy.

Molly’s mom and her dad, Danny, decided to part ways ten years ago. Ever since time began, Molly has only been taught negative things about her father, such as that he was a “drunkard” and other such things.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels


While Molly did not harbor any ill will toward Danny, she often longed for the deep relationship that developed between her and her dad. Molly’s life was about to take a new turn after the funeral. “Hey, sweetheart!” Danny greeted his daughter and hugged her before placing a wreath on his ex-wife’s coffin.

“Sir, is that truck yours? It’s blocking half the parking. You mind moving it?” a guest asked Danny, a truck driver.

“Yeah, that’s ma truck. Give me a second. I’ve just met my daughter. Hope you understand. Thank you!” for her mom.

Molly was a welcome addition to Danny’s life. During all of these years, the only connection he had with her was via the child support he kept paying for her. Daisy was always concerned that he would influence Molly badly, so she never let him see her daughter.

The funeral was over, and everybody left. Danny packed all of Molly’s stuff and told her they were going to his house.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“A parcel? Who sent it?” he wondered. A card on it read: “For Dad of the Year.”

“But why, dad? I can’t leave this house. Mom and I lived here. It’s filled with our memories.”

Molly furrowed her brow as she realized Danny wouldn’t listen. He knew he could not leave his daughter alone, especially since she often used a wheelchair even when she did not use crutches. Molly was forced to walk with a limp due to an underlying condition that showed itself in her left leg when she was six years old.

Molly moved in with her dad two days after the move. Even though the home was cramped and untidy, it could reassure her and make her feel loved and included.

As more time passed, Danny struggled to follow through on his obligations to Molly. Because he had never seen her grow up, he was ignorant regarding handling most situations, such as braiding her hair. He taught himself how to do it by watching videos on the web. But that was not the end of it.

He moved out of his room to make way for Molly in his bedroom so that she could have a pleasant place to sleep. He went as far as buying a brand new, soft bed for her to have a good night’s sleep. Danny did all in his ability to make his daughter feel at ease in their new home, but if there was one thing he hid from her, it was the fact that he was always gone during the night.

After she had gone to sleep for the night, Molly had no idea what her dad did after he left the house. She could only guess he was going out with his friends at the pub, just as her mother had often told her to do.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

Molly got off the school bus a few days later and wept her way into their house as she entered. She found that the door had been locked. A note had been tucked away behind a plant there. “The keys are under the pot. I will be back soon. See you! – Dad.”

Molly frowned as she recalled her mother’s tales about her father’s “odd” evening rituals and how they made her uncomfortable. She furrowed her brows as she considered the possibility that her father was already out drinking at four in the afternoon.

Hours passed, but Danny was never seen moving back toward his house. Molly made some homemade pasta for her dad while preparing it for herself. After that, she lay on her bed and cried.

“If only I were normal, I wouldn’t be the odd one out. I would have found a date for the prom.”

It was found that Molly’s teacher had given them information on their upcoming senior prom. Except for Molly, every other student in her class had a date for the prom. There was not a single individual who was interested in accepting her. She thought that no one would want to dance with someone with a limp because who would want to do that?

Molly’s cries were so loud that Danny could hear them before entering the house.

“What happened, darling? Why are you crying?”

Molly told him about the prom. “I don’t have a date. I even asked some boys if one of them would at least dance with me during prom, but they refused and laughed. I don’t want to go to the prom, daddy! I want to be alone! Goodnight!”

Molly pretended to be sleeping as she cried her eyes out on her pillow while turning her back on Danny.

Danny could not stand to see his daughter in such a difficult spot. The next day, he bought Molly a beautiful dress for the prom. On the day of the prom, Molly was in for a shocking revelation that sent her to tears. Her father was going to take her to a prom.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

When they heard the loud screeching roar of an engine, senior students and their parents began to gather outside the hall. This grabbed everybody’s attention.

Danny sprang off the vehicle. Molly was ready to get out of her wheelchair with his help when he put it on the ground. As everyone gazed on in amazement, he pushed the wheelchair across the red carpet.

As soon as the song began playing, Danny and his daughter went onto the dance floor. He picked Molly up and carried her around in circles in time with the musical music playing in the background. Molly momentarily forgot that she had a disability and could control her laugh as her dad swung her back and forth with his arms.

“My dad is my real superhero. I love him more than anything else in this world. I feel blessed and proud to say I’m his daughter,” Molly cried to her friends after the dance.

In the meantime, Danny turned into the star of the program. The victims’ families crowded around him in a show of love and enthusiasm. The discussion continued with Danny sharing more details about himself and his daughter. At the time, he had no idea how dramatically their lives would change.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

When Danny and Molly got back, the very first thing they did was talk about the amount of fun they had. Then, Danny slipped out of the house in total silence after putting Molly to sleep in her bedroom.

It came to light that Danny had been maintaining a second job at a nearby nursing home as a caregiver. In addition to his day job as a part-time truck driver, he worked extra evening hours to put up money for his daughter’s medical expenses. When Danny and Daisy were first told of Molly’s disability many years ago, many people warned them that she would never be able to walk anymore.

However, one of the doctors had given them his promise to heal the girl and bring back her ability to walk. Instead of going out to clubs and bars with his friends, Danny decided to work two jobs.

Daisy had understood his actions wrongly and thought he was wasting his time by going to the bar. Danny tried to explain the situation to her, but she never trusted him. Shortly after, they decided to part ways owing to her constant concerns and heated arguments. Danny never bothered since he focused entirely on saving money for Molly’s operation and worked tirelessly for the next few years. He had no time for other interests.

Whenever Danny thought about his past, it brought me a lot of pain. Even that night, driving to his new job, he could not stop thinking about the horrific things his ex-wife had said. He finished his shift and returned home, where he and Molly found a surprise waiting for them. He was unprepared for the surprise.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

When Danny got home from work the following day, he found a parcel waiting for him in his mailbox, which was a really pleasant and unexpected surprise.

“A parcel?? Who sent it?” he wondered. A card on it read: “Dad of the Year!”

Inside, Danny found a check for the sum of $10,000 as well as a letter that read:

“Dear Danny, we hope this will improve your daughter’s life. Good luck with her surgery, and we hope you spend more time with her in the evenings. Best Wishes, Your Prom Buddies!”

Danny then had the realization that the parents he had met the night before were the ones who were responsible for this. He was overwhelmed with happiness, and he promptly told Molly the good news.

“Really?! My God, daddy…This is unbelievable!”On his shoulders, she cried and laughed all at the same time.

Molly could have her surgery covered thanks to the money saved by Danny and the check for $10,000. The procedure was successful; after a short time, she could walk without crutches.

During this time, Danny decided to leave his second job so that he could spend more time with his daughter. She was given the scholarship to study design in a different state and planned to leave within the next three months.

Danny’s time with Molly was restricted, but he was committed to making the most of it. He taught her the arts of cooking, dancing, cycling, and running. He only wanted his daughter to have a normal life and never think about the days when she had to use a wheelchair and crutches. He hoped that one day she would be able to forget those days.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

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