Almost everyone carries a cell phone in their pocket these days. It’s amazing because you can take pictures whenever you see something fascinating, and occasionally your shots come out even more fascinating (or amusing) than you could have ever imagined.

It looks like the photo of the father’s daughter. He only intended to capture his daughter in a beautiful photo but ended up with much more.

We just saw some great photos, but this one tops them all!

© Wolf 101.5 /Facebook

When this young girl paused to take a photo in front of a line of horses on the street, she had no idea that she would become renowned worldwide.


According to Time, a Reddit user originally uploaded the picture.

There isn’t much further information, but it’s not too difficult to guess how the picture was taken.

This young child most likely had a nice day with her family. They witnessed some large Clydesdale horses at a parade.

It is possible that she mustered the bravery to stroke the horses, and it is also possible that her father or another relative requested her to turn around so they could take a picture of her.

Say “cheese,” the person behind the camera said as the young child stood before the gorgeous horses.

Talk about a funny picture!

According to Time, this incredible image was posted to Reddit in 2016 on a user account that has since been deleted. Uncertainty surrounds whether this was the first time the image emerged online or if The Wolf 101.5 FM was the source.

Whatever the case, it’s tough not to enjoy this funny photobomb.

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