This year’s Father’s Day saw the suicide of a Canadian father who lost his children after they were killed by a drunk driver.

Sadly, the New York Post has reported that in 2015, an automobile accident claimed the lives of Edward Lake’s children. His wife, Jennifer Neville-Lake, posted a picture of their three children, Daniel, Harry, and Milly, who were 9, 5, and 2 years old, respectively, along with the sad news of her husband’s departure on Twitter.

“The eyes he shared with Harry are permanently closed,” Jennifer tweeted on Monday. Daniel’s curls won’t ever again reflect sunlight. My children’s father, Edward Lake, has joined our children so they can play together forever. I will never again see Milly’s timid smile flit across his lips.

The distraught mother and wife concluded her post with the Filipino phrase “Mahal kita, Edward,” which translates to “I love you.”


Twitter/Jenn Neville-Lake

According to accounts, a drunk driver struck Edward and Jennifer’s children’s car in a suburban Toronto neighborhood in 2015, killing all three of them along with their grandfather Gary Neville.

Marco Muzzo, who was later granted full release in 2021, allegedly rear-ended the family’s car as it was being driven home in the city of Vaughan.

I don’t have anyone left to call me mom, Jennifer said to Muzzo at the sentence hearing in 2016. You killed all of my children. You should experience what it’s like to have every life you’ve ever created snatched away from you.

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Twitter/Dean Blundell

Twitter/Alex Benac

While this was going on, Edward allegedly admitted during the sentencing hearing that he was experiencing “extreme anxiety” and “suicidal thoughts.”

According to Global News, the day before he committed suicide, Peel Region police tasered and charged Edward. Peel police spokesman Const. Heather Cannon said: “The officers that arrived were appropriately made aware of Mr. Lake’s background, even though there was no indication that the call was specifically about mental health.”

According to Peel police, Edward was charged with one count of assault and released to paramedics. After being taken to the hospital, he was eventually released.

Twitter/Jenn Neville-Lake

Jennifer shared a picture of her children’s graves on Twitter on Sunday.

2022 Father’s Day This can’t possibly be true. It’s impossible,” the tweet stated.

My heart breaks for this family and all they had to endure as a result of one drunk driver’s careless acts.

I believe that drunk driving is a crime that has the potential to impact people’s lives, and it rarely does. I believe it should be handled as such, and people who drive after drinking should be subject to harsher penalties.

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