As parents, we ensure that our children experience comfort, happiness, safety, and, most importantly, love.

That’s not always simple, especially as our babies get older. After all, as kids mature, they become unique individuals who follow their life course, have free will, and make judgments.

However, that doesn’t imply we give up trying.

Simple things can sometimes be sufficient. Consider the simple act of answering our son or daughter’s call when they call. Then there are more extravagant acts, such as lending money to cover a first-time homebuyer’s down payment.

The critical point is that on the day we become parents, we formally commit to staying that way forever by signing an unwritten contract.


Hal Vaughan, one father, is all too aware of this.

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According to sources, Pierce Vaughan was employed by Delta Airlines as a flight attendant in December 2019. She was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on Delta Airlines flights worldwide because she was sadly unable to acquire any time off during the holiday season.

She knew she would have to sacrifice spending time with her family while she flew through the air. She forgot the kind of man her father was.

According to Little Things, Hal Vaughan took an amazing six consecutive flights on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, coordinating the flights so that he would be on every plane his daughter was working on.

Hal was sitting next to Mike Levy on one of his trips. The two struck up a conversation right away, and when Hal revealed his circumstances and, in doing so, put some light on his amazing fatherly deed, Mike was so moved that he felt compelled to publish a post on social media.

Thousands of people interacted with and commented on Mike’s article as it quickly garnered popularity online.

“Hal and I got to sit close to each other on the way home. Our flight attendant, Pierce, was his daughter, and she had to work over Christmas, Mike wrote in the Facebook description for the image.

Credit / Mike Levy – Facebook

Hal decided to celebrate the holiday with her. He travels across the nation to spend Christmas with his daughter on each of her flights today and tomorrow. What a great father you are! A very Merry Christmas to you both!

Six flights in two days, let alone on Christmas, is unfathomable to us. Hal knew his considerate gesture would make his daughter’s shifts much easier.

Using his advantages, Dad’s first vacation was a success, he reported. Pierce composed.

“I would especially like to thank my fantastic crew and all kind, understanding gate agents across the nation. He managed to board every flight and even got first class RSW-DTW.

When they learned about it, Delta Airlines issued the following statement:

“We thank all of our staff for working during the holidays to assist Delta customers, and we love seeing this amazing Dad get to spend Christmas with his daughter even while flying across the nation at 30,000 feet,” the statement reads.

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Credit / Mike Levy – Facebook

Said, this tale made me feel the warmest of emotions. As a father, I am aware that there is nothing I would not do to make my kids happy.

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