Since having her children, Julia Roberts, the star of blockbuster films like “Pretty Woman,” has decided to become a stay-at-home mom. She has also demonstrated that she can make a great moth and be a Hollywood celebrity. She has opted to take a hiatus from acting to focus on caring for her family, which consists of her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, a set of twins named Hazel and Phinneas, and a son named Henry Moder. She also adores her new full-time position.

Motherhood, in Julia’s opinion, is an incredibly gratifying role. She has embraced every duty associated with being a housewife. Every day, she prepares breakfast for her family and cleans the kitchen, and by the time she has finished her numerous chores, it is time to start lunch. When it’s time for dinner, she has had a long, fruitful day.

“I don’t have the luxury of sitting around anymore. I must have had bags of spare time before I had children, but I don’t know what I did with it, and I didn’t appreciate it.”

She enjoyed spending much time with her family and added, “My life at home gives me absolute joy,” with a smile. Even though she enjoys caring for her family, home life can occasionally get boring.


“And, as with anybody who’s a mom or a wife, it just becomes part of your everyday routine. Some days it’s super fun, and some days it’s a chore.” Julia said. It can be really enjoyable on some days and tedious on others.

She hasn’t stopped acting entirely, though. Simply put, she needs to be persuaded more to accept a role. Julia said she is still tempted to take on the task whenever she comes across a project with an engaging storyline or likable characters.

What did Julia Roberts say about feeding her family three meals a day?

The “Eat, Pray, Love” actress became so engrossed in her new life that she neglected to disclose her profession to her children. They were completely unaware that their mother was one of Hollywood’s most well-known women for a very long time.

A star of her level is virtually impossible to ignore, and they finally begin to notice. However, at first, Julia didn’t disclose what she did, and they concluded that she didn’t have a job since she spent so much time taking care of the house and cooking meals.

Julia briefly explained how she approached meal preparation and the sources of her inspiration and passion for the kitchen. Her mother, who loved to prepare everything herself using ingredients from her garden, taught her a lot. Even though she doesn’t go as far, she still has cunning plans.

Her children have become increasingly aware of their mother’s career as an actor as they’ve become older.

The actress remarked that she had no idea what a “pleasure,” “honor,” and “luxury” it was to prepare meals for her family. Even her co-stars accepted her new job as a parent, which has made her life even more joyful than it already was. She chuckled when she remembered that Hazel’s dolls had new sleeping bags sewn by Julianne Nicholson.

What Kind of Life Leads Julie Roberts and Her Family?

Julia prefers to be a typical parent at home despite her great popularity. She mentioned how much she enjoyed eating meals with her family so they could all spend time together frequently. As she put it:

“I usually have breakfast and dinner with my kids every day. I think it punctuates, you know, starting things together and sort of processing and winding it down together.”

She started bringing them along whenever she was filming a movie that required her to travel because as her kids got older, they became more aware that their mother was a successful actress. The presence of her children, she said, kept her grounded:

“There’s something very humbling when you have kids, and you come home from some event, and you have on this big dress and heels and diamonds, and it’s like, ‘Can I have a snack?’ And you go, ‘Yeah.'”

The actress claimed that she and her husband, Daniel, had decided to raise their children like any other typical family. Julia emphasized the value of instilling in her children practical life skills such as making their beds, washing, and caring for themselves.

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