Sgt. Sivad Johnson, 49, a veteran of the Detroit Fire Department with 26 years on the force, dove into the water to save the girls, who were eventually safely brought to shore.

The people who wear uniforms, badges, and stethoscopes are the ones who are more likely to be considered real heroes than those who wear capes. Let us never stop showing them our love, respect, and thankfulness, and let them know how much we appreciate them looking out for us.

Sergeant Sivad Johnson, 48, had been with the Detroit Fire Department for 26 years when he was off duty and strolling with his daughter, 10, near the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. Sergeant Johnson was a veteran of the department. They were completely taken aback when suddenly, they heard three young girls yelling for help from the water.

Detroit Fire Department


Johnson dove in to help the girls with the help of a witness and a nearby boat. One of the girls was saved by the civilian, and the other two were brought to safety by the boat. According to the information provided by the civilian, there were many rip currents, and the sergeant went out into the water.

The search and recovery operation took close to forty-five minutes. During that time, Johnson’s daughter became aware that her father was missing and immediately called 911. However, since it was getting dark, they were forced to call off the search for Johnson and continue it in the morning.

It is believed that Johnson must have been pulled underwater by the rip current, and no one noticed. Even though Johnson was off duty at the time, he did not even consider swimming toward the girls in an attempt to save them.

The courageous sacrifice made by Johnson will be recognized as a death that occurred in the line of duty. In the same way, his father had done before him, he followed in his footsteps and entered the force 26 years ago. A memorial was erected for his heroic actions during a fire four years ago when he rescued an unconscious man. One year later, he was awarded the medal of valor that the department had to offer.

Detroit Public Safety Foundation

Thank you to Sergeant Johnson for being a brave soldier and giving his all while serving his country. I pray that God will give the family the strength to bear the loss.

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