Dogs are incredible animals that are capable of things that humans are not. This illustrates a situation in which a dog saved a woman’s life.

The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s defusing dog, Digby, is an Australian labradoodle who helps first responders during trauma therapy sessions. Digby, the “Defusing” Dog, Prevents a Suicide Attempt by a Woman on a Bridge.

On Tuesday, June 15, Digby intervened to save a young woman attempting Suicide while standing on a bridge above the M5 in Devon, close to Exeter, England.

Police officers chatted with the woman, but they realized that the situation was becoming more dangerous and needed to find a solution.


Digby, a ‘Defusing’ Dog, Saves the Life of a Lady who was Attempting Suicide on a Bridge

One of the fire teams thought about introducing Digby during the tense situation to help calm things down, and to their surprise, it worked. As soon as Digby arrived, the woman turned to face him and grinned.

The conversation then shifted to Digby and his employment in the fire department, which he joined in 2018. Digby, a “Defusing” Dog, Prevents the Death of a Woman Making a Suicide Attempt on a Bridge.

The woman was asked if she wanted to meet Digby when she got off the bridge, and she replied in the affirmative. According to media sources, the lady has reportedly been referred to mental health professionals. As soon as the news spread online, Digby received adoration and was dubbed a “hero.”

Digby, the ‘Defusing’ Dog, Saves the Life of a Lady who was Attempting Suicide on a Bridge

Prevents a Suicide Attempt

Dogs are fascinating animals and are regarded as man’s closest friends for various reasons. There are several reasons why dogs are essential to people. Thousands of years ago, there was a relationship between the two.

When people went hunting in the past, wolves would follow behind them and eat any leftovers they could find. Over time, these wolves transformed into canines that aided in safeguarding the hunters and gatherers.

Dogs have worked in a variety of occupations ever since.

On farms, they defend the property and round up animals like sheep and cows. Dogs can be a companion for people. A human body can transform just from touching a dog.

My friend Alexa Carr, a scientist at Washington State University who investigates the bonds between people and animals, told me.

Digby, a ‘Defusing’ Dog, Saves the Life of a Lady who was Attempting Suicide on a Bridge

Image© Twitter / Marc Green

She and other researchers have found that people who pet dogs had lower levels of the stress hormones cortisol in their bodies. We also know that when a person looks into a dog’s eyes, their body releases a neurotransmitter connected to love and a sense of connection with another entity.

Dogs can assist humans in navigating their environment. They assist the blind in finding their way. They help those who suffer from seizures or diabetes. Many service dogs can detect problems and inform their owners.

Some of them can even open refrigerators and bring food to their human. Dogs may assist people by using their keen sense of smell.

Some dogs at airports sniff out luggage to ensure passengers aren’t carrying something they shouldn’t on the plane. In certain instances, dogs can even detect cancer in human beings.

As it turns out, there are dogs on Earth who assist scientists, Carr said. To assist researchers in learning more about various species, they sniff out animal waste. The DNA we discover in an animal’s feces can teach us a lot.

To help us understand the whales better, some canines are trained to find orca feces floating in the ocean. When we talk to dogs, they look at us and comfort us when we lose someone we care about.

They excel at assisting individuals, including veterans, with their mental health.

The interaction between humans and dogs is influenced by a variety of factors, according to Carr. About the relationship, we are still learning a lot.

Dogs value people, too, she continued. “There is reciprocity in the relationship.” Dogs can be petted, taken to the park, fed, and walked. A human can receive exercise and maintain health by walking a dog. Even if I might be slightly partial to cats, it makes sense that dogs would be your best companions.

Credits: Twitter

Dogs are quite fascinating creatures. People who need it can benefit from their joy and comfort; occasionally, having them around can save lives. Recently, a service dog persuaded a woman to abandon her suicide attempt.

A young woman was reportedly on the M5 Bridge near Exeter, England, prepared to jump off and commit Suicide when Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service received a call about her.

The emergency response team arrived quickly to help the distraught woman descend from the ledge. Digby, the service’s “defusing dog,” was brought along to assist in saving the day.

A therapy dog named Digby assists both victims and firefighters in regaining their composure following traumatic events, lowering the risk of PTSD.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service posted on Facebook that Digby assists crews exposed to trauma during talking therapy “diffusing” sessions. Digby was currently being used to calm the suicidal woman down.

She had been conversing with police negotiators, but things were becoming worse. The crew thought that the lady would welcome Digby. Fortunately, it was successful: “The young woman instantly swung her head around to gaze and smiled,” the rescue agency reported.

The woman started enquiring about Digby’s employment with the fire department. When the firefighters invited the woman to stop over and meet Digby at some point, she agreed.

The woman’s suicide attempt was aborted after this enjoyable time helped diffuse the situation. She appears in good hands as the crew wishes her “all the best in her recovery.” All because to Digby, she had her life saved.

With over 39,000 Facebook shares, his story has since gone viral. The dog has received thousands of hero’s welcomes. What a fantastic puppy! It only goes to show what a positive impact a devoted dog can have on someone’s life.

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