Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin McGraw, have been together for 46 years. Despite having modest beginnings, they have collectively amassed a sizable wealth. Robin wed in a $99 gown, and they still appreciate the less complicated things in life.

With his talk show “Dr. Phil,” which has been broadcast for an astonishing 21 seasons, talk show mogul Dr. Phil McGraw has transformed many lives.

But before exploiting his background in psychology to launch a lucrative daytime television career, he first focused on finishing school and finding a job, just like any other broke student.

Dr. Phil McGraw in New York in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

Dr. Phil McGraw in New York in 2019 | Source: Getty Images


The talk show host had his sights set on the woman who would become his wife of more than 40 years just before he was about to leave for school to pursue his master’s degree.

When Dr.Phil and Robin McGraw first spoke, they were both occupied with their work and uninterested in dating. Robin met Dr. Phil in his parents’ living room since she was friends with his sisters. When their eyes met, Dr. Phil asked, “Who are you?”

Even though neither of them was looking for something serious, it was clear that things were going to shift for them. The fact that Robin trusted Dr.Phil to fly a plane on their first date was the first red flag.

The talk show host recalled Robin telling him she had never flown before, so he saw that as a personal invitation to take her on her first flight.

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Fortunately, even though they took out at 10 p.m., Robin was neither anxious nor apprehensive. She stated: “I always follow my initial instinct. With this man, I knew I would be secure.”

Robin worked at the airport as an instructor, in charge of giving landing instructions, for the duration of their three-year relationship. But Dr.Phil unexpectedly asked her out on a date on Valentine’s Day in 1976 after flying down.

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Robin finished her shift as usual, but she had no idea that the evening would end with her becoming engaged. She stated: “I was really surprised. I was the happiest woman in the world.”

Dr. Phil explained that when everything seemed simple, he realized Robin was the one. Building a future without her didn’t seem worthwhile because he discovered her when he least anticipated it.

So, the pair married at a Baptist church in Wichita, Texas, immediately after Dr. Phil’s graduation and six months after the proposal.

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Robin got married in a $99 dress and had to make payments of $5 every week until it was paid in full because the couple had not yet amassed the fortune they do now. Meanwhile, her husband arranged to hire a white tuxedo for three hours.

Dr.Phil and his wife frequently reflect on their poor origins before his talk show contract in 2002 brought about a positive turn in their lives.

The pair, who have been married for 46 years, is frequently questioned about how they managed to coexist. When they first started dating, Robin said, they began cultivating and growing as potential life partners.

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They spent time getting to know and learning from one another, so they were ready for the full nine yards when they walked down the aisle.

Even though Robin thought she was ready to become Dr. Phil’s wife, she knew she loved him when they met in that living room. I do believe in love at first sight, and I fell in love with this man on the very first night, she feigned admission, saying.

Robin continues to come up with inventive ways to surprise her spouse even after all these years. Dr. Phil acknowledged that he wasn’t the easiest person to frighten, but his 39th anniversary present still took him by surprise.

Robin McGrow painting | Source: Robin McGraw Revelation TV

Robin McGraw painting | Source: Robin McGraw Revelation TV

Robin decided to showcase her artistic talents. She presented a video of herself painting while donning her bridal veil and a white dress as a surprise to her spouse.

She painted on the canvas as “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran was playing in the background. According to Robin, parts of the song connect to her and Dr. Phil’s love story.

Dr. Phil was shocked to see that his wife had painted for him for six hours. He marveled at Robin’s attractiveness throughout the entire performance.

Robin McGraw painting and dancing | Source: Robin McGraw Revelation TV

Robin McGraw painting and dancing | Source: Robin McGraw Revelation TV

The owner of a popular talk show had always been aware of his wife’s talent, which made him appreciative. He said again, “I cannot believe I’m married to this woman, and I cannot believe she did it for me.

Additionally, the couple added silver metal butterflies to their bedroom decorations. Love was written on one wall, and a heart with butterflies emerging from it was on another.

Robin McGraw walking away from her painting | Source: McGraw Revelation TV

Robin McGraw walking away from her painting | Source: McGraw Revelation TV

Although many factors have contributed to the couple’s happy marriage, they are convinced that their continued union results from their decision to prioritize one another’s pleasure.

Even with their enormous wealth, they lead normal life.

In addition to co-founding Courtroom Sciences Inc. (CIS), a trial consulting company with lawyer Gary Dobbs, Dr. PhIil expanded his professional network.

With the help of this enterprise, which also helped Dr. Phil land Oprah Winfrey as a client, he could collaborate with numerous airlines and Fortune 100 companies. They collaborated on a trial and prevailed.

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Facebook/ Robin McGraw

Dr. Phil was invited to Winfrey’s show because she greatly admired his work. He quickly gained popularity and was invited to appear each week to offer relationship advice.

Dr. Phil has amassed enormous money because of his over 25 years of broadcast experience and expertise as a psychologist. He is said to be wealthy, with $460 million, primarily from his adored talk show, but he also makes money through podcasting and writing.

In addition to acting, Dr. Phil produces films and television shows, including “The Scary Movie” and “The Doctors.”

Dr. Phil had no trouble entering the kitchen to prepare supper for his wife despite having a lot of money. Robin even shared a photo of her husband on Facebook and a message about how much she enjoyed seeing him prepare meals.

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The couple enjoys cooking together, and Dr. Phil posted a picture of Robin eating the meal while he did all the chopping.

The talk show host thinks that saying “Yes, Dear” to his wife contributed to the success of his marriage. Even though he made fun of his agreeableness, Robin believes that their marriage is anchored by their open lines of communication and shared principles.

However, Robin also made it clear that she would not put up with disagreement in marriage. Thus, communication had to take precedence. She also desired the same peace in her family because she had grown up with parents who never yelled at one another.

Dr. Phil and his wife are now grandparents to four children

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Jordan and Jay, their two sons, are now adults who have started their own families.

Jay and his wife, Erica Dahm, are the parents of two children, Avery and London. Row and Grey are the names of Jordan’s two children with his wife, Morgen Stewart.

Grandparents Robin and her husband adore spending time with their grandchildren. They spend as much time with them as they can because they reside nearby.

Dr. Phil is renowned for not letting any of his guests on the show get away with anything, but he loses when it comes to his grandchildren. They run the kitchen, and Dr. Phil revealed that Avery’s favorite dish to prepare is “Sprite-granola-cookie-bread-rose-petals-salt-and-pepper soup with jalapenΜƒos,” She prefers not to eat it, though.

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Despite not being the biggest fan of the dinner, Dr. Phil admitted that he always enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, who nickname him Pops.

Robin enjoys witnessing her husband’s connections with the kids. She disclosed that he records their chats because Dr.Phil loves spending time with them. The grandchildren of Dr. Phil know how to reveal the tender side of the strong man on his talk program.

Their Relationship’s Secret

Dr. Phil and his wife have shared some wisdom on what they believe keeps their marriage strong, but they have also shared a lot of advice on what they think causes many marriages to fail.

Facebook/Robin McGraw

The couple has been together for over 40 years and has experience resolving disputes. Dr. Phil urges people to avoid allowing situations to spiral out of control. He suggests handling problems as they arise.

Another conflict-resolution suggestion is to enter a debate to listen and understand rather than try to win. According to Dr. Phil, engaging in a fight to win turns your partner into a loser and is not a sign of affection. But if a disagreement is treated with understanding, common ground can be found more quickly and successfully.

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The changes that come with growing older, having children, and having busier work schedules are things that Robin and her husband are aware of. Dr. Phil nevertheless underlined the value of spending quality time with your relationship.

The 72-year-old said that when quality time is not normalized, it also drives a gulf between a marriage. As a result, he advises individuals to be romantic without going over their budget by doing small things like going out on a date.

Dr. Phil thinks that a little selflessness in a relationship may go a long way. A healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship will result from thinking of ways to make your partner happy as soon as you wake up each morning.

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The father of two is also knowledgeable of his wife’s nonverbal clues. He understands that when Robin asks, “What?” it is not because she did not hear what he said, but rather so he can pause and consider his response.

Dr.Phil knows to be all ears when she says, “Now listen,” or he has 30 seconds before Robin takes a pan and slaps him.

Robin has attended every episode taping of her husband’s show for the past 21 seasons and doesn’t want to miss a single one. Even their custom of leaving the theater together hand in hand after the performance developed spontaneously.

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Fans have been anticipating seeing Robin walk her husband off the set for the past 21 years because she unknowingly committed herself to the role.

According to the pair, it symbolizes their love and how at ease they are with one another. Their relationship has always been the major subject, notwithstanding their accomplishments.

Additionally, the couple has been upfront about their intimacy. They emphasized that intimacy becomes simpler the longer they keep one other satisfied.

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After 46 years, two sons, and four grandchildren, Dr. Phil and Robin never stopped fostering their union. They have maintained a happy relationship by adjusting to it as their lives have changed.

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