It is never simple to lose our closest friend. Whether or not we are “prepared” for it is immaterial.

Additionally, not only humans can feel grief. Animals can experience sorrow as well.

For instance, did you know that some of the world’s most sensitive and perceptive animals are parrots? They experience intense sadness when someone they adore passes away.

Having lived with his master for 25 years, Parrot Sinbad recently had to go through this.


Like many animals, Sinbad had a very close connection with his owner.

Sinbad is usually a very cheerful and upbeat avian, but as his beloved lay on her deathbed, he seemed to realize that the situation was serious, and he was rather quiet.

This was interpreted as evidence of birds’ extraordinary sensitivity to their owners.

As a person might, parrots can become depressed after losing a loved one. Even animals have their antidepressants.

A dying woman’s daughter recorded the moment you will shortly see. Sinbad is brought in for one last meeting as she prepares to leave the planet.

Sinbad is just trying to show his owner how much she matters to him by staying by her side. In addition, she expresses her affection for him as she allows him to rest on her belly.

You are much more resilient than I could ever expect to be if you can watch this entire clip without crying.


It’s sometimes difficult to put into words the connection we have with our dogs. Because of this, videos like these help us identify with people who adore their dogs just as much as we do. It is one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed, and anyone with a pet they truly adore can connect to this woman.



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