On the bride’s wedding day, Todd Bachman honored the bride’s stepfather while escorting his daughter down the aisle. Guests were in tears after what he did.

According to legend, one of, if not the happiest days of a couple’s life is their wedding. However, organizing the occasion can be challenging, particularly if there is tension within the family.

This challenge presented itself to Brittany Peck when she had to assign duties to the two fathers who raised her throughout her childhood, her biological father and her stepfather.

When her parents divorced, Peck was only six years old. As she watched a protracted custody dispute between her and her sister, the courtroom quickly familiarised itself with her. Peck revealed: “My parents could not agree on the custody of my sister and I. I had my attorney, which was a very, very stupid idea. With everything we’ve gone through, it could be a Lifetime movie.

Todd Cendrosky, the girl’s stepfather, was specifically opposed to sharing his daughter with Todd Bachman, the boy’s biological father. However, as time went on, things improved, and the two dads realized how wonderful parents they were.


Two photos of Brittany Peck with her biological father and stepfather. | Source: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

Two photos of Brittany Peck with her biological father and stepfather. | Source: YouTube/CBS Sunday Morning

But as Peck was getting married in 2015, there was more conflict in the family. Although the bride wanted both her fathers to accompany her down the aisle, she was unsure how to tell Bachman.

Visitors to the location were moved as they saw both fathers accompany their beloved daughters down the aisle.

Her stepfather, who tends to get highly emotional, sobbed to his wife daily for a week before the wedding. “He said, ‘I have a tux, but I don’t have anything special to do,'” Peck said. During a different interview, she claimed that Cendrosky felt terrible “because he knew he would just sit in the crowd.”

Todd Bachman and Todd Cendrosky hug during their daughter, Brittany Peck's wedding. | Source:

Todd Bachman and Todd Cendrosky hug during their daughter Brittany Peck’s wedding. | Source:

“I finally built up the courage to call him about two weeks before the wedding and said, ‘I really need to talk to you,'” Peck discussed the phone call she had to place to Bachman. He already knew her daughter’s predicament before she could say anything.

Bachman reassured his daughter that he would take care of everything and not to be concerned. Last but not least, he took his daughter to the outdoor wedding ceremony held on a golf court in his car on the big day.

As they were about to proceed, Bachman turned away from the bride and headed towards her stepfather, seated in the front few seats. He grabbed Cendrosky’s hand and said, “‘Hey, come with me. You’ve had just as big of a part in raising this child. It’s time you and I walk our daughter down the aisle together.”


Cendrosky described the gesture as the finest thing ever happening to him, instantly bringing him to tears. Witnessing both fathers escort their daughters down the aisle made the other event attendees tear up as well.

When Bachman grabbed Cendrosky, wedding photographer Delia Blackburn caught it on camera and posted it on Facebook, where it was shared numerous times.

Countless tales of unanticipated events occurred as brides headed down the aisle. Taylor Loren previously shared her wedding day experience on social media to varying degrees of success.

Loren stated that her husband examined his phone and checked his wife’s as she walked down the aisle. Her narrative made some viewers outraged until she explained why her husband did it.

The two are still together after four years since their wedding. They also have a special wedding tale to cherish forever.

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