Most people rely heavily on social media as their main communication method these days. It is common practice to show images of your kids to close relatives and friends, as well as other people in your friend network.

This young mother also uses social media, but her responses to the photographs she posts and how her kid is treated are very different. On the other hand, she has a few things to say…

Natasha is a young mom who is making her way around the world of motherhood. Like many other young mothers, she enjoys posting pictures of her one-year-old son Raedyn on social media. On the other hand, unlike most mothers, she is the target of serious bullying because of her son’s appearance.

TikTok is a popular social media app, and she often uses it to share videos of her and her son Raedyn. In addition, she is faced with dozens, if not hundreds, of comments on each post asking that she stop posting photographs or videos of her kid.


Natasha, however, has a message for those who hate her.

“I will not stop… just because he looks different doesn’t mean that he is any less – he is perfect,” she says.

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She cannot keep track of the number of messages or comments she receives that are read.

“What’s wrong with your child? Why does your child look like that?”

Raedyn, a little child, was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a condition that shows itself in deformities of the face, skull, and limbs. However, Natasha thinks her son is wonderful in every way, which is why she posts videos of him whenever she has the chance.

However, people may be cruel, and she shares some of the regular remarks that she gets, which often go something like this:

“What quality of life will he have?” someone rudely asked on TikTok, while another person added: “Why would you make him live like that? Such a miserable life that you’re permitting him to live”.

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And as if coping with cyberbullies wasn’t bad enough, Natasha now has to deal with comments from people she encounters. She claims that when she is out in public, people will stop her and ask her rude questions like, People just come up to me and rudely say: ‘what’s wrong with your child? Or why does your child look like that?’… that’s not how you talk to a human being.”

She finds it difficult to go out in public because of the never-ending queries that will be directed her way. “It’s exhausting to explain my son’s health problems over and over,” she said.

She is at a loss to comprehend the extent of people’s obsession with her kid only due to how he looks.

She says, “He lives a life like every other child… does he look different? Absolutely – but that doesn’t make him any less.”

He deserves life; he deserves acceptance – I will fight until my dying day for that.”

She does not value the care that other people show her, particularly when she is going about her day and is suddenly ambushed by someone who is ‘curious’ and has questions for her.

“People need to understand that I am just a mum, and my son is just a baby… our life doesn’t revolve around his diagnosis,” she said.

The exhausted young mother added, “My son looks a little bit different, but that doesn’t mean he is just a lesson to give the world. It’s exhausting mentally and emotionally to go over the same diagnosis and explain my son’s health problems over and over to people.

 “We are just a normal family. I pray for the world to accept disabled people one day and not judge off their appearance and the things they cannot do.”

It is quite sad that people are still eager to cast judgment on those who are different from them in any way, even in this day and age. We can only hold out hope that people will grow more kind and more accepting.

We are expressing our love and best wishes to Natasha and Raedyn. Join us in wishing them well and offering them your best regards.

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