Everyone in the fitness industry knows Heidi Powell, and everyone has heard Jacqueline’s story about the woman who lost 170 kg.

Heidi bravely tells everyone her motivational tale and demonstrates that everything is within our reach if we want something. Because of her weight gain, Jacqueline felt embarrassed to leave the house, and the more upset she got, the more food she ate to comfort herself.

Jacqueline made various attempts to lose weight but with no success. As a result, she decided to stop caring about her diet and way of life.

She and her boyfriend went to Disneyland one day, but she barely made it without a wheelchair to the gate. Her weight made it nearly impossible for her to walk.


Everyone looked at her oddly and judged her because she was overweight. She was unable to perform any activity and felt humiliated.

She had already reached the halfway point in August 2013. Then she returned to Disneyland with Kevin, Jenny, and her cousins. Because Jacqueline could fit on every ride this time, the experience was completely different. This gave her even more confidence, and she resolved to reach her goals and never allow her weight to stop her from living an entire life.

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She called Jenny Craig in 2021 because she was determined to change her life. She took the story seriously when she learned she needed to shed more than 300 pounds.

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She lost 100 pounds in the first year and 200 in the second. After reaching her ideal weight, Jacqueline has decided to get married.

She continued to eat Jenny Craig meals and exercise four or five times per week. She still had a lot of extra skin on her new body.

Jacqueline is trying to get payment from the insurance provider for the cost of removing the skin, but it is challenging because they classified it as cosmetic.

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Even if she finds it challenging, she always looks forward to what comes next. Jacqueline is overjoyed to be living a life she truly enjoys finally.

Her journey is not over, but Jacqueline is eager to discover what comes next. She is happy that she can now fully enjoy her life because she is no longer ashamed of who she is.

Jacqueline encourages everyone to be patient when making goals because results may not come quickly. If our expectations are too high, we may be let down and give up on our goal, as she did for many years before encountering an extreme situation.

Jacqueline showed us that anything is possible if we focus on what we want and are strong and dedicated. Additionally, putting up the effort and dedication needed to reach our goals is critical.

She showed everyone what is possible if we focus on our goals. Girl, you’re awesome!

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